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Roommates: fucks sake not again

Shit hit the fan last night at around 12:40am on a work night.  You’d think that I would have learnt my lesson from the last time that roommates just don’t work in my home. I’m just not made for cohabitation, especially not with gronks anyway.

Back story: for the past four months or so one of Boy’s friends, let’s call him Gronk,  has been living with us. First it started to help him out with a break up, but it’s somehow turned into a seemingly more permanent arrangement...

So last night Boy and Gronk go to the pub for what was meant to be just a couple of drinks, and then turned into late night karaoke. It was organised that they would bring back dinner at 8:30 once I finished my uni class, but I get a text saying they’re going to stay out (even though Boy starts work at 630am and struggles more than me with mornings).

So already I’m hangry from that and decide to go to bed. Strike one.

After a few hours of not being able to sleep, at 12:40am I hear the front door open and hear four voices. What the? The noise then proceeds to our courtyard and I can hear bogan banter, beers and bad singing.

Urge to kill rising.

I go downstairs and the straw on my back snaps. Some old dero bogan man and beanie wearing cunt nugget bitch are sitting on the rabbit cage with beers with Boy and our room mate. At 12:40am on a work night. Oh hell no.

“What the fuck is this? Yeah no this is not happening, get the fuck out of my house”.

Cunt nugget bitch pipes up, “uh no, that’s for him (points to Gronk roommate) to decide”. Gronk roommate who is a guest in our house, has the final say in whether it’s cool that our place turns into a late night party haven and public menac to our neighbours.

Now let me point out that it has been explicitly discussed my expectations and needs for our place. I don’t care if you go out, you don’t bring it back to the house. It’s important for home to be a sanctuary for my mental health. 

By instead they bring strangers into the home that I have built with Boy for years, and somehow turn me into a stranger in my own fuckng house.

I cracked it at Boy. I told him I’m fucking done with this kind of bullshit and I’m leaving. I told him have fun being single with his fuckface Gronk friend. I’m going to my parents house.

He was drunk, rambled about how yeah he fucked up once and I’m a psycho. I told him it’s not this once, too many times similar to this over months and years and this is the straw that broke the camels back.

He doesn’t have my back. He can’t put himself into my shoes. It’s just about what he wants to do and have fun, and I always have to just suck it up and deal with what he wants, otherwise I’m the bitch.

I left and went to my parents house.

I guess we are broken up now. I’m not talking to him today as I’m still angry and upset. I can’t go back right now to get stuff either as I will probably smash Gronk roommates guitar in his face.

I guess this is the end.

Nonsense unicorn



The Grudge of Girls

Guys forgive and forget. Girls hold grudges forever.

I’ve just had an earful of this crap because I don’t want to go to the pub on a Saturday night with the boys brother and bitchface girlfriend. Long story short, these are the dicks that stayed with us and then caused vindictive shit afterwards. So, why would I want to ruin my night by having to play happy families and fight of the urge to smack a bitch up.

I get why the boy is feeling frustrated – he wants to see his brother and feels stuck because of the feud going on. I told him he can go if he likes, but nope he can’t go cos he will be a third wheel and it would be obvious why I’m not there.

Now, I’m not the kind of person who can just pretend to have different feelings and shit. I’m a terrible liar and terrible actor, which is why I never do either. I’m pretty honest (maybe verging on the edge of crass but whatever, I don’t play mind games), and will be honest about how I’m feeling. And how I’m feeling now is I’m not ready to play happy families with that fecal colliform of a bitch.

That’s not to say that I “hold grudges forever”. No, I don’t like to hold on to anger. Saying that though, I need time for the feelings of burn to subside. And time doesn’t constitute a month, like the boy irrationally expects. Emotions and shit are stupid things that just need to go at their own pace. As much as I wish I could expedite the healing process I just can’t. If she apologised then maybe we would get somewhere, but because she’s a child and that will never happen I have to slowly rely on myself to get over it.

Him basically telling me to get over is the same as someone telling you to “just get over” a broken heart. We all know that’s not how the cookie crumbles.

So anyway, now I’m stuck in between a rock and a hard place or some kinda analogy like that. I wish I could be the “bigger person” for the boy’s sake so he feels better about it all, but on the same hand I can’t betray my own feelings.

So I don’t know, maybe I am holding a grudge like he says. But I am trying my hardest to let go of it at the same time. You just can’t rush me – just like you can’t lead a horse to water and make it drink or some shit like that.

Am I being unreasonable?

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