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Moving and skating and graduation, oh my

Well life has been one cluster fuck over the past few months. Let me regail you on a bit of a breakdown of what’s being going on in unicorn town:

  • So boy and I were pretty much on hiatus for like 3 weeks or something, during that time I ran away and lived with my parents.  After this time we both had long hard looks at our relationship and life and all that, and decided that although we have a lot to work on its worth fighting for. So we decided to give it another go.
  • Nek minnit we have put our notice in at our place and are moving into a one bedder! Roommate was a child about it and we haven’t seen him since. Meh.
  • Handed in my last essay and completed my last exam – given that I pass it all, I know officially have completed another qualification. Let’s add Graduate Diploma in Psychological Sciences to the end of my name with the rest of the qualifications I have and do absolutely fuck all with. Now to decide whether to give honours a go, the post grad diploma before masters, or just give up and resign to the fact that I’m too dumb to ever be a legit psychologist so I should probs just shut up and keep working admin and maybe pop out a spawn soon or something.

  • I’m totally doing a fresh meat course for roller derby. I’m not the worse in the pack, but my confidence is definitely not there to believe that I will get through it to actually make it onto the team one day. But skating is fun, and it’s a lesson for me to try to keep persisting and not let my lack of confidence get the better of me.

And add work being a big shit ball of busyness and annoying people, that’s my life right about now. Just so you know. Not that it’s very exciting or anything, but you know, sometimes writing about this crap helps validate existence. That or I’m just procrastinating at work. Eh.