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Nonsense Review: Pokemon Go

Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s pretty clear all over the world that Pokemon Go is the biggest thing since sliced bread.

And. It. Is!

Dudes, I’ve been metaphorically peeing my pants with excitement since the release sometime last week as my inner child has been awakened.

So let’s go over some of the awesomeness of this whole thing. And if you’re gonna be one of those old fuddy duddies “what’s the pokey mons?!” Then go swallow a rusty whisk because

You don’t need to know Pokemon to enjoy it

The Boy laughed at me for the first two days when I was running around town in my trackies catching invisible monsters, but two days later he was on my coat tails and I swear is more obsessed than I am!

He never played Pokemon as a child so can’t name all 151 like I can, but he is still loving all the critters and getting attached to them and excited when a freakin zubat is hovering in your beer.

It’s exercise that doesn’t make you want to cry

I’m a lazy hobo who’s allergic to the gym, but with Pokemon Go I’ve been doing 6km minimum walks a day and have already lost a kilo! It’s enjoyable and you don’t notice the pain while you’re hunting down a slowpoke.

You explore new places like some urban mother flippin Captain Cook

I’ve already discovered some nice parks and bush land around my place I didn’t know existed that I discovered on my poke walks. Note to self: picnic time!

You get free stuff

Boy and I went to dinner the other night to a pizza place that happened to be a poke stop as well. So we thought “sweet, dinner and Pokemon at the same time!”

The lady servings us thought it was funny that we were playing Pokemon and they got business due to it, and we got our drinks for freeeee!

It’s a social lubricant without the hangover

Strangers are making friends and talking to each other, people who you wouldn’t look twice at normally are giving you a smile and striking up conversation. 

I was on the bus stop playing pokemon trying to catch a bulbasaur and a young gentleman started talking to me about it. Without this, we all just stand there like vapid zombies staring at our phones or into the distance, scared that a little eye contact will burn our souls.

If you don’t like catching Pokemon, the descriptions of some of the poke stops is  hilarious in itself

Look it’s sweet Baby Gesus

Walls truly are a bland reminder of our boxed in existence…

Okay this weird ghost face just creeps me out 

So the moral of the story is I give Pokemon Go a lifetime of high fives. Stop being a lamebo party pooper and get on to it!

Nonsense unicorn