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The One where I popped the cherry

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(This one also counts as the co worker hehe.)

I found love among the shelves of a discount store. We worked together, and you know how it goes – you flirt and become work mates and blah blah boom you’re in a relationship!

This is probably the only textbook relationship I have ever had – meaning we didn’t fuck before we made it official. Quite contrary, it was maybe the 3rd date that we even kissed for the first time.

We had both freshly finished school. We regailed tales of schoolies. Sex came up. I told him I had slept with 2 people and we had he slept with 3 girls in two nights while away at schoolies (I though woah I got a player on my hands).

A month into it we finally did the sexy time hanging off the rafters of his bunk bed. Naawwww. And that opened a flood gate of awesomeness where I had my first orgasm ever.

(Have I mentioned I never masturbated until I was about 23? Yeah so orgasm was definitely something for the first time).

One night maybe 6 months into it we were drunkenly walking back to his place where he started crying.


“I’ve lyed to you. You’re the only one”.


“You’re the first person I’ve had sex with. I lyed about those 3 girls because I didn’t want you to think I was lame.”

Because I’m the kind of person to judge for that kind of thing? Pfft.

So I unknowingly popped his cherry. Which is annoying because it would have been way cooler if I knew.

It lasted for 2.3 years, probably a year too long. But it wasn’t all bad, at least I can say that I’ve screwed at work hehehehe.

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