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The one on the boat


The second score happened 10 days after my virginity was ripped from my hot little hands. Once that first awkward time happened, I now knew the deal.

To celebrate finishing school, about 2000 (or however many people fit on a cruise) 17 and 18 year olds disembarked on the schoolies cruise to let off some steam. And get drunk. Woo!

Soon enough some toolies introduced themselves to us (ie that’s older people like 21 who go on these cruises with 17/18 year olds). We befriended them, and long story short I ended up talking and making out with a really hot one.
It started out kinda romantic, kissing at the bow of the boat As the sun rose on the sparkling ocean.  Naaaaw. 

But then he took me back to his cabin and the awkwardness ensued.

I can’t remember the actual sex much, but I do remember him pushing my head down to give him a blow job. I’d never done one before and I truly couldn’t get myself to stick his dick in my mouth. He insisted for a while as we played head bopping resistance.

Pfft I ain’t giving up my skittles…

It’s funny thinking about it, that I had no prob with a relative stranger sticking his dick in me, but a blow job was a too big deal.

I won and soon after did the walk of shame back to my room. But I suppose on a cruise like that I wasn’t the only one. Didn’t help I was still dressed as a cowboy from the night before.

A couple of nights later I saw him talking to some other girl at the bow. Young me was sad that this didn’t somehow turn into some romantic fling, but a couple of drinks later I got over it.

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4 thoughts on “The one on the boat

  1. See this is something not many people care to admit – There’s soooo many awkward and unsatisfying sex moments (especially while we’re still learning). I feel like hugging you while laughing at your amazing head bobbing resistance! 😀

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