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Nonsense Review: Pinterest


I discovered pinterest a few years ago and like many others was in disbelief over this new thing called “DIY”. Everything seemed so easy! And fun! And cheap! I found a local furniture auction place and felt like I’d hit a gold mine. So many awesome old bits of furniture that I could do up! Huzzah!

But pinterest didn’t tell me – and others – the most important thing here. It’s a shitload harder than it looks and everything always takes longer than what people say. Oh and stuff is almost guaranteed to go wrong.


Anyway one day I was feeling confident and enthusiastic so decided to make a string pendant light for my bathroom. You can buy these in the shops for hundreds of dollars or you can use 4 items and create it yourself for like $20.

So the steps sound easy:
1. Blow up balloon.
2. Dip ball of string in kids craft glue then wrap around balloon.
3. Hang to dry.
4. Pop balloon, cut hole at one end to remove balloon and put in a light fitting.
5. Hang!

I had a problem at every single step.
1. The balloon kept blowing up into an egg shape. I had to push in one end and duct tape it to turn it into a round shape.
2. Well I’m glad I did this in the shower because holy cow, glue went everywhere. My hands were covered and it had flicked everywhere in the shower, including in my hair. Also, it was super difficult to get started because it was so slippery and the string kept sliding all over the balloon.
3. DO NOT HANG IT IN THE SUN. My bad. The bloody balloon popped. Lucky it had dried first so the string was a bit warped, but fine – I was able to push it back into shape. The worst bit was the shreds of melted ripped balloon that were still stuck to the glue.

4. Well you can’t just leave cut bits of string flapping in the breeze and then magically float a cord in there. Well at least not with the cord i bought.. I had to make this whole finished metal edge and support for the cord.

5. Well it only fell down twice.. But once was in front of the electrician who was in there doing other work. He showed me how to hang it so the cord pinched the metal to keep it together. Yay but FML. I had literally just been pointing it out and being all proud of my work.

What have I learnt? The ease shown on Pinterest is not reality. So please, people on Pinterest – be honest. Tell me that I’m going to have to wash my hair because glue will fly in it and look like jizz. Tell me that melted balloon pieces are hard to pull off dried glue. Tell me that you failed at some seemingly easy task just like I did (although to be fair, it did end up looking awesome when the drama subsided).

Of course I’m not the only one who turned this simple task into a circus. So here to make myself (and others) feel better, enjoy these awesome fails:

Art & Craft













There’s a lesson to be learnt here kids – nothing is ever as easy as you think it is and everything takes longer than you think it will. Don’t let this stop you from trying though, if it goes pear shaped you can always have a laugh about it 😉

Rambling Goat


Author: ramblingg0at

Life loves to set me up for its own entertainment. But instead of me hiding these awkward moments, I plan on sharing them for my own (and possibly your) amusement. Now who's laughing, life?

6 thoughts on “Nonsense Review: Pinterest

  1. I figure trying it is way better than never thinking you can do it 🙂
    And those memes make me laugh – thank you!

  2. Hahaha I can so relate to that whole “nailed it” mentality. My wife knows better than to ask me to DIY anything.

    BTW – your “light thingy” looked pretty darn good to me!

    • Aww thanks vic! It’s a little wonky but if you look *too* closely, you get blinded by the bulb 😉 plus, it casts cool shadows on the walls which distracts the eye. Perfect design! 😀

      I found youtube to be a great DIY teacher – if a picture tells a thousand words, I video tells a bajillion I reckon 😀

      • I have to admit, youtube has been useful not only for my projects but also with my kid’s math homework. Thank goodness for Kahn Academy!

  3. Good job on the light! I try Pinterest crap all of the time. The recipes for the most part work. But the diy stuff is always more work than you could ever expect

    • I have this problem with cooking where I tend not to measure things.. I just guess. I can get away with it in most meals but baking any kind of sweets gives me results like the memes.. I’ve found a solution – just buy them at the shop LOL

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