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Complications and Nostalgia


Somewhere between drunkenly burping cheeseburger breath on a granny and dripping period blood on the floor, I decided I was whheeeeyyyy behind in my blogging. I’ve been super busy at work and home and had very little spare moments to ramble on about stuff. But I have a day off work today, so ramble I must! Huzzah!

So I’m still living with DD. Apparently having 2 dogs, a temporary job and one income (I’d be living on my own) does not look the best for a rental application. As I own an investment property I even spoke to my leasing agents to try and secure me a place and they did try, but the owner of the property I applied for denied me. So I’ve given up looking.

On the upside, I’m saving a shitload of money so it’ll be used on a deposit to buy another place in about 6 months.

We’ve had a few issues living together though. One is that he’s a massive analyser and in comparison, my brain is like an empty room.





I did the 16 personality test and got hardly any score for thinking and feeling which I guess means I’m mostly chilled. I dont spend too much time and energy on things – if I have a problem with something I just say it right then and there.

He on the other hand, is constantly thinking and analysing and has a shitload of feelings. He brings up conversations we had 2 weeks ago and wants to discuss what I said during that conversation to clarify for himself. It’s intense! I have the memory of a sieve, so I can’t actually function like that. It’s an impossible task. Many times we’ve been having a ‘relationship talk’ and I’ve been yawning. My bad. I’ve told him it’s not ever going to be a relationship and that’s that. Some people you’re meant to be with, others you aren’t.

So yeah, it’s complicated (how unusual for me) but he’s now more of a FWB that also occasionally has dates with me and cuddles me on the couch. We’re just living in this strange little world until I move out and then we’ll go to FWB’s.

I haven’t seen my play partner for a few weeks and it’s weirdly sent me into this lonely zone. I guess sleeping with only one person and not being allowed to meet new people is really messing me up. That and my ex’s family member who has been working with me has now left, so I’m doubly lonely and feeling nostalgic. With this person gone from work, it means I’ve lost the connection with my ex’s family (which are like my second family).

My solutions are simple:
1. Friends.
I’ve been keeping myself busy with NU and friends from work. I’m thankful to now work in a big organisation that has people of all ages and personalities and have made some great friends there. I see them everyday and we go for drinks once a fortnight. One of them last week felt the wrath of drunken vampiresque RG when I bit his neck in front of everyone though. Whoops. Not the first or last time I do that to someone, I’m sure!

2. Music.
I’ve been listening to music that reminds me of old friends and good times. I’ve cried, laughed and danced with my dog in the kitchen. I’ll never stop being amazed at the power of music πŸ™‚

3. Hair.
I’ve decided now is the right time to change my hair colour so goodbye orange and hello fire engine red πŸ˜€ It’s given me a new spring in my step!

Tis the season to go on holidays. I’ve got my yearly family reunion and then an overseas trip planned in Jan.

For my bday in Feb though, I want to be at a pool bar, wearing a bikini, with a cigar in my mouth, a long island iced tea in my hand and a flirtatious mature gentleman chatting to me. Add some spanking from said gentleman and a hot girl for a threesome and that would be a top birthday. One can hope! Actually scratch ‘hope’, I’m making that happen. Stay tuned!

Rambling Goat


Author: ramblingg0at

Life loves to set me up for its own entertainment. But instead of me hiding these awkward moments, I plan on sharing them for my own (and possibly your) amusement. Now who's laughing, life?

3 thoughts on “Complications and Nostalgia

  1. Yes make that b’day thing happen. It sounds like rel good!

  2. How have I only just seen this post? It somehow slipped past my feed! My hermitdom pitons doesn’t help much during these transitional times, but I’m always here xx

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