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Dick Phobia

I suppose dick phobia is an actual thing so big apologies to those that have ended up here thinking I’m legitimately scared of dicks. If it makes you feel better though, I do *kind of* have issues in the ‘loving penile’ department. You see, I only love some.

[For my actual list of phobias, amuse yourself here]

I’m not sure what creates this dick interest (and disinterest) with people but when I’m interested, I’m addicted – I want it in my mouth, rubbed all over my face, I want to be face fucked until I gag and I want to provide ‘stress relief’ without any attention given back to me (although getting a “good girl” is kind of the greatest thing ever).

When I’m not interested, I don’t want to put my mouth near it, look at it, touch it and I only want it used for penetration. It’s a strange phenomenon.

Although you may think this is a bad thing for the men that miss out, it just shows that we’re not clones. We’re all different with different levels and types of attraction. And the lesson to be learnt here is that there’s someone for everyone.

Conveniently I’ve got two male play partners – one I’m cock-hungry for (who loves it) and the other I’m disinterested in (but he is more interested in being pussy-obsessed anyway). One I want in my mouth all the time (can I just fall asleep with it in there?) and the other I’ve had interactions with on/off for a year and have NEVER GIVEN A BJ. One uses and abuses me (but I love it) and as far as I can recall, has never given me oral (and the fact that I can’t remember a definitive yes or no shows that it’s of little to no importance in our relationship). The other worships my body, giving me multiple orgasms and sending me to subspace regularly. Give/take/take/give. It’s perfectly opposite and I love it 🙂

But back to this semi-phobia.. I think it started when I went to give a guy a bj once and he had a sweaty dick. It was foul. I wanted to vomit his disgusting lack of hygiene all over his face. But instead, I smiled, gagged internally and changed what we were doing immediately. Three second blowjob, deal with it you sweaty prick! Thanks to that, I’m a big advocate on cleanliness of your nether regions. Don’t underestimate the amazing invention called baby wipes! It’s courtesy people!

As a mainly monogamous society we seem to expect one partner to tick all the boxes, sexual and otherwise. Well the reality is maybe they won’t and that’s totally ok, we’re all individuals with different thoughts and feelings.

If you have a partner who is somewhat pussy or dick phobic and you want more attention though, I do believe that you can reevaluate the way you approach this. Communication, non-judgement, understanding and mild encouragement without putting pressure on someone goes a long way. Also becoming a seductress doesn’t hurt!

But if you’re poly or open like me, appreciate the differences in people and you’ll find it advantageous 🙂

Rambling Goat