Turning Lamebos Into Rainbows

Rambling Goat and Nonsense Unicorn present… The Awesome Person's Guide to Life

Pleb Life


Due to our fancy shmancy writings on here many would assume that we are high rolling rich cats. Well, let me let you in on a little secret: we’re totes not.

It’s true my friends, your friendly neighbourhood Rambling Goat and Nonsense Unicorn are one step away from being frothy hobos on the street – or what we like to prefer, plebs.

But the pleb life is not as bad as you would think. On the contrary, it can be quite amusing as your lack of cash forces you to find cheaper and better forms of entertainment. As someone wise (and probably rich and famous) once said:

Its better to be poor in wealth but rich in spirit 

And rich in spirit we are (and not only due to the vodka).

So here is a list of some of the great and fulfilling benefits of living the pleb life.

Innovative ways to get drunk

  • Going to a music festival and don’t want to pay $10 for a mid strength beer? Just bury some bottles of grog under a tree a few days before and boom! You have a nice dirty hole of alcohol goodness to supply you for the day.
  • Sit in a park with a $5 bottle of wine and laugh at all the passers by and how sneaky you are for drinking in public.
  • Once I put alcohol in a Maccas cup and went to the Ivy (some Lame fancy nightclub). Spent five dollars the whole night. Boom!

You learn that noodles are life


Who needs to go out when you have board games

Screw nightclubs when you can sit at home in your onesie and ply board games. Or cards. There’s so many of them to choose from!

Pets provide constant and free amusement

Once I watched my guinea pigs eat grass for two hours and never got bored.


What are some of the things you do to live up the pleb life?


Author: nonsenseunicorn

Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

5 thoughts on “Pleb Life

  1. Have my wife pack candy and pre-popped popcorn in her purse so we don’t have to buy it from the theater when we see a movie!

  2. I love this!!! 😂😂😂

  3. I always bring a water bottle to places now… especially movie theatres and the like. First because I don’t like to put more plastic into the world, but also because I hate paying for water 🙂

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