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Just a little update.


I’ve got a few loose ends floating around and I havent updated you guys so I guess I’ll summarise them (in case anyone was wondering?). They’re all interrelated so my attempt at categorising things may not go so well, bear with me!

The Hulk and I are no more. We knew it had ended but neither one of us wanted to call it that. His brother has moved overseas and I now have the brother’s room so I have my own space. It’s making things a little easier and I feel like I have some privacy back. At the moment I only see Hulky for 2 hours on weekdays.

In saying that, we’re on good terms and apart from a bit of awkwardness occasionally, there’s no issues. I still love the guy but it was a bit of a runaway train since I got feelings for DD and decided I wanted a full poly relationship. Couples counselling helped but could only go so far. Ultimately, we have different relationship styles and compromise doesn’t equal a happy life for either of us. We both deserve happiness in life and I guess I just got to my time limit of optimism. In truth, he ran out of time before I did and we now seem to get along much better as ‘friends and housemates who love eachother’ than ‘partners’.

He brought a girl home one night and then had to explain to his mum that he and I were done. We still haven’t told his nan and she keeps bringing up conversations about us buying a house together. I think she’s smarter than she lets on and is just poking and prodding until one of us snaps and tells her what’s going on. It’s not going to be me! The other confusing aspect here is that although we’re not *sleeping together* anymore, we are sleeping together in the same bed. I just find it easier to wake up early in his room..

I’m not willing to move forward with DD and/or others until I move out so I’m floating in this strange relationship zone right now.

I got the new job that I risked a job offer for. I actually used to work at this organisation and a lot of staff members (50-60%) are still the same. I’ve lost count at the amount of hugs from the old staff members I’ve received since I’ve been back. They really are the greatest bunch of people, I missed them like crazy.

There’s an issue though – I’m only employed as a temp. And while the other temps were extended to 6 month contracts, I came after that and am on a crazy ‘2 weeks at a time’ contract.

There’s been a big restructure and I’ll be able to apply for a permanent position in the next few months but until then I don’t have much job security. That and it’s going external so I may not even get a permanent position.

Living Arrangements
Like I said, I’ve been living in the spare room in my [now] ex’s family home. With the new job I’m having to spend 4 hours travelling each day and im working a 42.5 hr week so to put it in perspective, I’m away from home for 14 hrs a day. I’m looking to move closer to work but with 2 dogs and a temp job it’s pretty difficult to get my applications accepted it seems.

DD took me out in his fancy new car ($$$$!!!) to inspections last weekend and asked all the proper questions to the agent while I wandered around inside. He’s even told me he’ll pay the bond so I can move in straight away. I can move into his house (and even into the second bedroom if I want) but I just don’t know if it’ll ruin everything for us. There seems to be this change when you move in with someone – you get too comfortable. I don’t want to wear sloppy pj’s yet. Hopefully I’ll find something soon, get some independence/freedom/privacy back and everything will all just fall into place!!

Rambling Goat


Author: ramblingg0at

Life loves to set me up for its own entertainment. But instead of me hiding these awkward moments, I plan on sharing them for my own (and possibly your) amusement. Now who's laughing, life?

4 thoughts on “Just a little update.

  1. Hope everything works out in your favor!

  2. You are so busy I’m surprised you had time to post this! I think all your instincts are spot on. Good luck with the new job, with all the positive welcomes I think it bodes well that you will be able to be there permanently sooner rather than later.

  3. wow. 4 hours is a rough commute. Mine is 3 and people say I’m crazy. My only salvation is that I can do it by bike, which I love, so it’s not a wasted 3 hours.

    Lack of job security sucks. I wish you the best.

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