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I Don’t Get It


I see things. Things, either on the Internet or the real world, I just don’t understand. And moreover don’t really want to understand, because most of the times these things are rife with stupidity.

Let me share some of the things that make me glaze over and think I don’t get it.


Eating someone else’s lunch 

This tends to appear a lot on my Facebook feed. Why would you do that? Why?! Maybe stealing a lolly, but stealing a whole sandwich from a fridge?!

Picket protests

I saw something where some anti-gay religious faction was Picketing at some gay pride parade at some place.

Do they really think it’s going to work? Like, some gay people are going to read “God hates gays” on their picket and suddenly think “holy crap! I better change my whole genetic structure stat! Thank you for enlightening me, you bigot!”


People who take Current Affair shows as real news.

Google: sensationalism.

End of story. 

Tony Abbott as Prime Minister

Just because this is probably as political as I’m gonna get!

Hipster photographers using film instead of digital

Because, like, digital is too mainstream and film is raw like my soul.


What do you just don’t get?
Nonsense unicorn 



Author: nonsenseunicorn

Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Get It

  1. I don’t get why headlines suddenly can’t get used unless they are a numbered list of things.

  2. Bahahaha best Tony Abbott meme!!

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