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Today is a day for rants.


It’s just one of those days where I’m feeling like a sack of shit. I think letting out my annoyances will help me let go of them so here goes.

1. I’ve been helping with renovations at bf (or whatever we are)’s house for about a month. Maybe longer. I’ve been:
A) organizing tradespeople – getting quotes, communicating through various forms (ringing, messaging and emailing), organising prices, some materials and making sure everything we want done is done.
B) doing renovation work myself including altering a U shape kitchen to an L shape, installing it, making new cupboards to suit gaps etc and then painting 4 rooms.
C) putting up with a very indecisive mother and a whinging, cheapskate grandmother who both have different views. The mother has new ideas daily which involve me doing more work.

I’ve been paid $200-300. And I’m currently unemployed and can’t afford food. I know the mum is in financial strife (because she gives her daughter all her money and has none left for bills – a frustration rant worthy of its own) so I’m not exactly angry about money, but I’m pretty much volunteering my services here.


2. A few days ago I was still painting at 6:30pm. When I was done I went and helped one of the boys with dinner. He asks me why I got my own room so I tell him I like to have privacy after dinner and watch my tv shows but I can’t do that in the mancave. He says I can watch what I want in the daytime. I tell him I can’t because I’m doing reno stuff. He says “if you were doing reno stuff all day, you’d be finished by now”. I just responded with “alright, that’s it” and stormed off. Fuckhead.

I have no words. Except for maybe these:
*I’m covered in paint and some fell on my lunch.
*my back hurts (painting ceilings with no stick for the roller and no money to buy a new stick).
*you’re using the new kitchen to make dinner, the irony!
*I’m going to show you what an uppercut feels like.
*you’re a piece of shit.
*you’ve probably dropped a piece of shit into the toilet of the new bathroom that suddenly appeared.

I’m having one of those moments where I’ve been continuously under appreciated and now feeling like snapping and go postal (or running down the street naked) will help the situation somehow.. Or maybe I’ll just wipe his pillow on my butt hole. Heck, let’s just wipe everyone’s pillows on my butt hole whooooheee! If you think that’s unnecessary, read on..


3. [For the sake of making this easier to understand, let’s call him bf]. Bf’s brother just moved overseas and said I could have his bedroom. While moving my stuff into it, the mother starts pulling all his stuff out and storing it in a cupboard. I tell her I don’t mind his stuff being there, in fact I want some of it there to feel like he’s still around. He and I are good friends and I didn’t want to feel like I was completely taking over his room.

She took it all out anyway. I managed to somehow stop her on the last thing left of his in the room (an american memorial flag) by saying that not only did I want it left there, but it’s quite hard to get down anyway. Bf walks in and sees the room, sends his brother a video and the brother says “I’m glad you kept the flag”.

I feel devastated because I wanted more of his stuff in here.


4. The mother then decides she wants to empty his ‘420’ room – a small room off his bedroom that also joins the deck. The boys (bf, brother and brothers friends) like to smoke weed in there but it was the only request of the brother leaving – that it be kept there for the other boys. I stop her one time saying we should wait until bf gets home and talk to him about it.

The next morning I tell the grandma about my dislike of bf both smoking weed and ciggies. She knows everything so I’m not trying to rat him out, but just have a mini rant. She says she doesnt like them smoking in that room (and technically she owns the house so what she says goes) and that she was going to speak to the mother about it.

A couple of hours later I hear banging around in the 420 room and open the door. The mothers emptying all the things out of there. I agreed that it needed to be cleaned as there was rubbish on the floor, a homemade bong and other disgusting shit in there. I’d vacuumed it 2 weeks ago with the brother and you couldn’t even tell.

Anyway she emptied it out, I cleaned the rubbish out of it and vacuumed and she asked for help carrying the heavy stuff so I did. I’m just the daughter in law stuck between two differing opinions (story of my life) so I can’t say no to helping her when she asks. I’d stopped her once but this time I couldn’t – it was the two women wanting it cleaned.

Today I went on Facebook to show the grandmother some more of the brothers travel photos and lo and behold, two of the boys (the brother and his friend) have deleted me. The other friend told me to “go away!” last night when I happily walked into bfs room after finding a new job to apply for (only the greatest job evoorrrr). Rude little shit, he’s never been rude to me before. I was shocked.

So basically I’ve been blamed for the room being emptied and been disowned by 3 people, 2 of which I would have called best friends. I guess it was one-sided.


5. I’ve been applying for jobs and not getting anything. I have prestigious qualifications, more than enough experience and the only one I almost got, I turned down because they asked for too much personal information. Pretty sure my identity has been stolen..

They made it a requirement to know my salaries (and bonus and commission amounts) for the last 10 years, previous employers names, phone numbers, work addresses, all my previous residential addresses for the last 10 years and the dates I moved to/from each one etc etc. They got a copy of my passport, did a police check on me and I had two separate interviews with different people just to make sure I was right for the job. It was a 2 day a week gardener position, seriously WTF.

I worked for my mum for 2 years so they got her to fill in a reference form for me while took her about an hour (it was crazy long), then asked me if we were related because we had the same last name. I said yes and they said she can’t be a reference. So if she had of been divorced and went back to her maiden name I would have been fine.

I can understand if you’re going for a CEO role then the interview process might be more intense but to reiterate, this was a 2 day a week gardener position.

I told them I’d had enough and wasn’t going to go ahead with it. They didn’t seem to forward on the info within the company because I then got an email asking for my parents business number and/or solicitors details. I’d told my other referee not to worry about the review form but he proceeded to get 4-5 reminder emails (as did I) after I’d informed the company I wouldn’t be going ahead in the interview process.

I’d also emailed them asking for my personal details to be destroyed for security reasons and to confirm via email when this had been done. It’s been about 2 weeks and I still don’t have an email. So basically I’ve come to the conclusion that my identity had been stolen. Fuck.


Now if I get this amazingly awesome new job, all the angst, frustration, sadness, loneliness, insanity and rejection will be worth it. So come on universe, work your magic!!

Rambling Goat


Author: ramblingg0at

Life loves to set me up for its own entertainment. But instead of me hiding these awkward moments, I plan on sharing them for my own (and possibly your) amusement. Now who's laughing, life?

6 thoughts on “Today is a day for rants.

  1. Yes, today is definitely rant day.. However if I start it feels like it won’t stop so am just doing it into the notes app on my phone.. 🙂 may be calmer and share some of it later… 🙂 xxx

  2. Ugh, rant away — you deserve it. I am sending you positive vibes and energy. Hugs — I hope things turn around soon.

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