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The 101 on Unco People


I am incredibly uncoordinated by nature. You know, the type to trip over flat surfaces or miss my mouth when I go to take a drink (happens more times than you would think).

My life is essentially a 50/50 on either doing something really well or stuffing up like a blind panda on crack (best. Simile. Ever).

Now this is not to say that I’m ditzy or lack common sense – I am usually quite well aware of processes and rationality and blah blah – but sometimes my brain just malfunctions like a Windows Vista PC and I do something like put onions in boiling hot oil (the recipe said so dammit, how was I to know they would start spitting everywhere?!)

I totally get that as a bystander to my malfunctioning moments one would get quite frustrated and want to bang their head against the wall at the seemingly lack of intelligence that exudes during these times. I get that feeling every day on the road when some noob doesn’t know how to use their blinkers ir drive 30km below the limit (but that’s another story).

BUT, does frustration always necessarily have to equate to condescension?

You can pull me up for my mistake in a constructive way, but don’t make me feel smaller than an ant poo about it. That shit ain’t fly.

So here’s the moral of the story my friends: you either accept your fello brethren for their shortcomings or you GET THE FUCK OUT.

Nonsense Unicorn


Author: nonsenseunicorn

Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

3 thoughts on “The 101 on Unco People

  1. People who mock you for your unfortunate mistakes have either a) done the same thing and refuse to admit it or b) are thanking their lucky stars it didn’t happen to them and someone isn’t ridiculing them.

    Personally I think unco-ness is a good quality – we are forever entertaining! Hey there boring coordinated people, you’re welcome.

  2. Oh I can relate! Lol

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