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Poo-Brain Round 2

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1. Sleeping and/or being tired consumes your day. You’ve slept in till mid morning (or even lunch/after lunch), bum around doing nothing then want to hop back into bed for an early night. Who invented beds and couches?? Theyre soooo soft and comfy.

‘Beauty sleep’ is a thing right? I’m sure if I wore nice clothes and brushed my birds nest hair I’d look alright.. Funnily enough I watched Sleeping Beauty last night, more on that later..

Oh and don’t forget all the potential dangers you’ve avoided by being in bed for 20 of the past 24 hours:
*Car accidents
*Being attacked by a rabid wolf
Feel free to make up more in your mind.

2. People seemingly don’t understand. I’ve been called lazy and had people joke about what I have (or more likely – haven’t) done all day. I’ve also had people give me chores or errands to run for them like as if I can’t think of anything to occupy my time and should be thankful for their suggestions. Then there’s the ones who say “aw cheer up!” who you want to punch in the face.

People never understand us anyway. Like when I eat a piece of raw potato, or reel back in horror at seeing someone wiggle their toes. It’s just another day really where I’m apparently a weirdo and everyone else is ‘normal’. Truth is, everyone’s a weirdo if you analyse it long enough. o.O

3. The sunshine is nice and all but today I’m not leaving my room/house. There’s birds chirping and flying around all happy (you assume – your blinds are closed) and you think ‘yay good for you, I’d get up and look but meeehhhh’. If you have to go outside, everything suddenly seems more brighter.

The sun is going to be around for billions of years, I’m pretty sure skipping a few days of hanging out in the sun is fine. I mean really, office workers kind of miss out on a whole bunch of sun so just pretend your bedroom is your office and staring at a wall is your work.

Also, staring into the sun burns your retinas so you’ve lengthened the life of them by not going out there and accidently staring at bright stuff. Yay for eyes working goodly!

4. You get tunnel vision, keep your eyes down and/or don’t make eye contact with people unless you need to.

Sometimes it’s not worth your effort to look at things. Yeah looking at stuff is cool and all but sometimes people say “omg look at that!!”, you look and it’s something shit like a kid feeding a seagull. WASTE OF EYE MOVEMENT.

Now for those of you wondering what increases poo-brain to a high level, let me give you a snippet of 3-4 hours of my life.. Don’t worry I’ve somehow managed some rainbows at the end (so I feel I’m totally allowed this rant).

Yesterday after I did the first poo-brain post, I got in bed, put on Sleeping Beauty and then had 3 different occasions where people called my name and banged on my door all crazy-like. I had 10 calls in a row at one point and someone barged into my room. What did they want?

*One lot of repeated banging was to tell me there was an ambulance and 2 cop cars at the oval (there were a bunch of soccer games happening) – WTF do I look like I care? My door is locked and I’m in bed at 4:30pm. Zero. Fucks. Given.

*The 10 phone calls was one of the boys who had asked me to go buy groceries so he could make dinner – how about no. I’d already sent a msg saying I wasn’t doing it.

*More repeated banging which I stupidly fell for, I had a phone shoved in my face and again, it was about the groceries – I’m not a fucking slave, DIY dickhead, I’m in bed.

*More repeated banging which I refused to get up for. I yelled out “please leave me alone”. The groceries were done and the same inconsiderate douche was banging on my door because he wanted to store stuff in my fridge – There’s a huge fridge in the house, so I’m not stupid enough to fall for that.

*The bf came in to get ready for a shower and his nan barged in, hugged me, gave me $100 because for 3 weeks solid work (including weekends) I’ve so far been paid $30. Not sure if you count 2 pairs of shoes (one from an op shop, and one suspiciously the same size, style and brand as what one of the boys wears) and some beer as payment too.. That whole situation is probably worth another post.

Anyway, then she started talking to bf (in front of me) about how the renovation has stressed me.
WRONG. Take the people out of here and living in this house and doing the work I’m doing would be glorious. That old bag is solely responsible for about 40% of my stress. Drama is a hobby to her, in fact, it’s literally her only hobby.

I’m moving out. Fully don’t care where I go, a cardboard box would be better than this place.

Ok the douche brother apologised and is shouting me drinks tonight so I’m now on a train on the way to the city. Their mum also just told me she’s giving me $500 when it gets in to her bank. And I just got a call about a job (even though I literally just applied to be a firefighter – random huh!) so today is turning out to be a hell of a lot better than yesterday 😀

Rambling Goat


Author: ramblingg0at

Life loves to set me up for its own entertainment. But instead of me hiding these awkward moments, I plan on sharing them for my own (and possibly your) amusement. Now who's laughing, life?

One thought on “Poo-Brain Round 2

  1. Best of luck, keep finding rainbows everywhere and do what you have to do and be where you have to be

    Here here to weirdos!

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