Turning Lamebos Into Rainbows

Rambling Goat and Nonsense Unicorn present… The Awesome Person's Guide to Life

I’ve got Poo-Brain.


I’m not living in the most ideal environment for rainbows. There are a lot of stressful and frustrating situations on a daily basis that I can’t escape from. I have no moment where I can sit and chill out without being disturbed. Well, except the bathroom, but even then I get the cold water treatment if I’ve been in the shower too long (bfs nan + tank water, pretty self explanatory..).

Anyway, I’ve been getting depressive symptoms again. And this is going to sound strange but I’m actually happy I’ve had full blown depression before because now I can recognise symptoms and try to stop/minimize it’s growth. I imagine if I didn’t have experience with it, I would be pretty confused with my emotions and crazy thoughts right now. It’s a scary place.


Yes, everyone’s different, depression sufferers have different levels and variations on their disease and everyone deals with things in different ways. I’m lucky this time that my symptoms aren’t every day and it’s not too bad, I can still laugh at myself and socialise if need be. I know tomorrow will be better if today is a write off.

Today is just one of those depression poo brain days though so I’m going to look at some lamebos and try to turn them into rainbows..

1. Everything seems like such a massive effort;  getting out of bed, cooking toast, getting dressed, communicating with people etc.

Little things are still an achievement, so we should be proud! Moving from the bed to the armchair, woo! Making breakfast, Huzzah! Had a chat with someone about some shitty whatever that you give zero fucks about, yayyy! You might feel like you’re doing nothing but you’re totally doing stuff.

2. We wonder why the fuck people (in specific, ourselves) need to get dressed. You know you’re not going anywhere and PJ’s and day time clothes are still all ‘clothes’ so what gives? What’s the point?


In the big scheme of things, yes, getting dressed is pointless, so just get half dressed! You still feel the comfort and coziness from bed but are prepared for unexpected visitors. Plus you can count this ‘half-dressing’ as an achievement!
So eg. I change into jeans/shorts on the bottom half and keep the top half the same; No bra, comfy singlet and/or loose fitting jumper that I wore to bed (I’m an ice block through winter). I look like a grub but who cares? I could totally wear this to go to the letterbox and not get stares.

Sleep nekkid? Girls, you’ve probably got a comfy dress that can handle no underwear. Summer dress? Maxi? Make friends with it! You can add underwear or get changed later, for now you just need secret comfort.


Guys, chuck on some shorts and you’re deemed acceptable. Have a loose comfy shirt or singlet handy in case you’re ready for the next step later – dressing your second half.

3. Food. Some eat lots, some eat hardly anything and some eat strange things. I’m the hardly anything/strange combo. Some poo-brain days I don’t eat until 3pm, then a small dinner. Other days I want a 2 day old reheated cheeseburger with a glass of green cordial for breakfast.

Again, I’m thankful that not all my days are like this because jesus, I’d be a pimply rake.

Hmmm.. I mean none of those options are exactly healthy but it could be worse..? I’ve seen my dog eating a meaty bone with maggots in it.

Ok I could definitely do more but once again my dog has rolled all over a dead animal so I’m going to have to go and bath him. And yeah, I’m going to count it as an achievement. Boom.

Rambling Goat


Author: ramblingg0at

Life loves to set me up for its own entertainment. But instead of me hiding these awkward moments, I plan on sharing them for my own (and possibly your) amusement. Now who's laughing, life?

11 thoughts on “I’ve got Poo-Brain.

  1. Depression sucks. Inner reality is the most important, but external environment is a factor. Hope you get to be in a positive place.

    Good job making rainbows! 🙂

    Making breakfast after waking up is SO MUCH WORK. Word.

    I do so love wearing loose sleeping clothes all day.

    Eat healthy,

    • Thankyou so much sunshine, doing the post was an epic achievement in itself 🙂 now it’s 4:30pm and I’m laying on my bed with a blankey, totally ready for sleep 😛

      I’ll have to do a part 2 I think!

  2. Awesome job finding those little accomplishments! This is part of being mindful; recognizing your mood and then taking appropriate action.

    • Thanks vic 🙂

      Yeah its surreal in a way – I can see all the emotions and thoughts happening but have very little control, almost like a third person watching it all play out. I just call those days a write-off and do stuff I enjoy to tame it (eg. watch Disney movies) but I find sleep and a starting a new day is the best fix for me for days like that.

      I guess this is a reminder to everyone to be aware of their moods and understand why they’re having them. If they’re rational then fair enough, but when they are irrational it’s something to take note of.

  3. Hi honey. I can relate, although I’ve never had full blown depression I can recognize the signs and know I’m not in a good place. I’ve been very sad lately and doing all the things you list above. I’m trying to offset them, take showers, go to work, call my friends… but it’s hard to do.

    congrats on writing the post 🙂

    • Yeah seeing friends is my best fix but it’s not always possible. You just have to find whatever else you can to lift that mood. I found watching hilarious tv shows was a good one to get me happy again and Disney movies calm my jumbled, stressed out brain.

      You could also try having a bath, reading a book that fully absorbs you into the story and going for walks (if you can get yourself outside).

      My big step to combat it is to change my circumstances so I’m looking at trying an occupation change for a while and moving house. Pretty big deal for both but it’s helping take my mind off things and get some new goals in my life. I’m utterly lost without goals.

      Hugssss sunshine, it’ll all work out in the end but as they say, life wasn’t meant to be easy! Xx

      • Thanks Hon! And yes, goals seems to work. I was delivering a massive project in the throes of divorcing and moving out. It really helped give me something else to focus on.

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