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Monogamy is a lie


It is the opinion of some that monogamy is a “lie” and a dying social construct remnant of archaic religious traditions.


I read that crap in someone else’s blog and it’s gotten a little bit of a bee in my bonnet.

Monogamy is no more a lie than any other relationship orientation. At the end of the day it comes down to different strokes for different boats – just as there are various sexual orientations there are relationship types, and none is better or more right than the other.

I am a monogamous individual. This is not because of religion, or societies expectations, culture, or what my family have taught me. I am monogamous because it is what my heart is and wants. I am not battling any hidden biological drives to spread my seed elsewhere – my loins tingle for the one and only one love in my life.

So why doesn’t everyone just quit trying to justify their way of living or beliefs by minimalising and demeaning others?

Lamebos just need to accept that there are different ways of life in many aspects of life and all that, so pop your head out of your microcosm once in a while and just accept that people are different to you 🙂



Author: nonsenseunicorn

Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

16 thoughts on “Monogamy is a lie

  1. Why didn’t you come make that comment on the blog you read it on (I didn’t want to assume which blog)? I agree – it’s not a lie at all.

    • Eh it’s not my style – I didn’t wanna comment to someone I don’t know and on a blog that was not specifically discussing this topic in context! Kinda reminds me of two dogs poopin on someone else’s lawn 😜

  2. I am for monogamy. I think a majority of women are for monogamy. I only think this way because I have not made a scientific study. Interacting with women and observing what goes on, I think monogamy is better. Of course, people are different; and their cultures are different. I think that women who appear to be happy with in polygamous marriages only appear to be happy. I encourage my children to go in for monogamy.

  3. i agree…i read that on the blog you are referring to and i was thinking what the ?!?!?!

  4. This post made me smile. You’re not the only one who feels this way and definitely not the only one that gets annoyed by posts like the one you mentioned. Different strokes for different boats, exactly! And no one should be marginalized for being themselves.

  5. Lol please take this dude’s photo down. It’s killing me every time I look at my feed! 🙈

  6. Orgies in yo faceeeee!! Haha yeah I think I over compensate with my excitement for poly/open because they’re minority groups. People won’t get judged so much for being mono as they will for being poly. So I’ve got out my cheerleader pompoms and I’m cheering us on 😛

    Maybe I should join other minority groups too and be all “yeah! One-legged vegan albino bears are awesome!”

    But we definitely need reminders like this to put us back in our “we’re all equally awesome!” frame of mind. Good on ya deary! We all need to discover what’s right for us.

    If we’re teaching our kids anything it should be that there’s diversity in relationships (just like everywhere else in life) and to choose the type what interests them. The norm should be happiness, not two-legged salmon-eating brown bears.

    • Boom!

      Poly does get more slash due to its minority status and seemingly “going against traditional societal expectations”, so it does make sense that people would picket for its equality as an acceptable relationship status – lamebos just gotta accept all is good!

      People are terrified of different and stubbornly don’t like being told otherwise than what their minds have concocted as truth – let’s break that pattern!

    • You totes hit the nail on the noggin!

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