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Cockblocked by a Ghost


So here we go again.
I invited this girl out to go to a ghost tour on Friday the 13th. I’m calling her Glam because she always has red lippy on, meow! She’s the girl from the dragons vs vaginas post. And I’d already been cockblocked on a previous attempt with her so I didn’t have solid intentions, I decided to just hang out, see some ghosts, rah rah rah. Although let it be known that she was just coming to dinner originally, then I said “aww who else am I going to feel up in the dark though?” and she decided to come on the ghost tour too after that 😀


So the ghost tour. Well NU, bf and a bunch of friends came and it was held at this old Quarantine station in Sydney. It doesn’t sound spooky but I guess with all the boats coming over to colonise Australia, plenty of people got sick on the way or brought diseases with them. So they had around 500 recorded deaths there but estimate there was more like 1000 (I guess the bookkeeping wasn’t too crash hot back then).

1000 deaths? Ohhh yeah now its sounding spookier 😀

Well we started off giggling in the dark rooms. There were some “who farted?” and “WoOoOoOoOo!” calls in the first building – the gas chambers (no Hitler shit, it was steam and chemicals to fix their influenza hehe).

We’d been out to dinner at a brewery beforehand and decided a couple of drinks would ease the freakout if we saw a ghost. So there was probably more giggling from us predrinkers than the hardcore ghost fanatics. Oh well. The plan didn’t work for me anyway.. NU and I went into a bathroom in the gravediggers house and I saw a black shadow in the bath the size of a person eeeeeeeeeek!!!

I say “uhh NU, do you get bad vibes in here?” and she responds with the classic “aint nobody got time fo dat!” and we get out of there quicksmart. So many bad vibes in that bathroom, it wasn’t a happy room that’s for sure!

We found out later that a psychic said someone had died in the bath. There’s no actual evidence of her claim but at least we weren’t the only ones who felt the bad ju-ju in there!

So fast forward and the last place we go into is a shower block. Its freaky, hands down. The walls are made of tin and there’s rows and rows of showers all with doors front and back. Apparently they’d lock the front door then stand at the back and peep in to make sure they were showering. Pervs! 😛

So I was well freaked out at this point (we’d just come from the morgue) and like I had just done in the morgue, I held Glam’s hand. She’s braver than me! Walking down the rows in almost pitch black was freaky as hell.

At one point we stopped and the guide was talking about what other people have seen and heard in there like how a shower turned on on its own, a bunch of girls on a hens night screamed and ran and then the tour guide told them a) to go and turn the tap off and b) there was no water connected to the showers anymore. WTF. Fuck that shit.

Being all close to Glam (up against her back and face resting on the back of shoulder) I took the opportunity during this fucked up ghost story to stroke the outside of her thigh, inside of her thigh, then outside her minge. She giggled and said “not here!” Dang. Fair enough. She was more interested in seeing the ghost in there who shared her name. Fuck you, ghost.

We ended up outside and she (and a few brave others) went back inside to wander around on their own. Glam wanted to see her ghost.

I poked my head in and bfs brother pushed me in and closed the door. I did a ‘I’m getting murdered’ scream in the darkness which probably didn’t help all the other poor sods wandering around on their own. My bad!

There were plenty of little things that happened on the tour, but nothing substantial. It didn’t help that some lady kept claiming to be touched in every building (I’m pretty sure the ghosts wouldn’t always touch the same person).

My hair moved on its own at one point which was weird – I felt it up at the roots, no one was near me, it wasn’t windy and there were no branches nearby that could have touched me. Knowing me I probably had a bug in my hair.

NU’s bf said he felt like someone was walking behind him in the shower block but turned around and nothing was there.


Glam had one of those electromagnetic readers and it flashed crazy off its head at one point when her and a friend of mine were in a room away from the group. My friend ran away hahaha.

I mean, it would have been cooler if we all saw a ghost standing in the corner of the room but oh well, we had fun anyway 🙂 And I really wanted to take Glam back to my hotel room for the night but alas, the universe says no – she was driving a car load of people home and bf and I had the hotel room. I think he’d love a threesome but she’s his brothers very good friend and apparently there’s some sort of bro code regarding that. Sorry fellow feminists, I get out of the bro code and I’m happy about that.. *hides* You all should know how I feel about these stupid ‘rules’ in society by now 😛

In conclusion, I got freaked out in spooky buildings and once again got lured towards Glam’s pussy only to fail. On the plus side, I’m moving back near her in a month so we’ll see what happens..

If you have the opportunity to go on a ghost tour, do it! Most people in our group said they’d seen a ghost and some had seen them but didn’t want to admit it to the group. I remembered after the tour that I once woke up in the middle of the night and thought I saw a little old lady standing in the corner of the room watching bf and I. Freaked me right out! Can’t believe I didn’t remember that till after!


Bfs mum seems to think her dead grandma opens and closes doors (I’ve seen it happen once) and does footsteps down the hallway so bf wasn’t overly concerned when I told him saying “its probably my great grandma”. So chilled. I could have been dreaming though so I’m sitting on the fence, they might exist, they might not, but I’m open to either option.

Have you had a spooky experience and/or been somewhere haunted?

Rambling Goat


Author: ramblingg0at

Life loves to set me up for its own entertainment. But instead of me hiding these awkward moments, I plan on sharing them for my own (and possibly your) amusement. Now who's laughing, life?

7 thoughts on “Cockblocked by a Ghost

  1. Big fan of haunted spots. I live near many here in the States. Here’s one in particular: http://www.easternstate.org/

  2. My mom & I went on one in Savannah, Georgia. Sadly, we didn’t see anything, though I was certainly open to it. But we had an awesome tour guide that still gave us lots of great information & history about the city.


  3. I don’t think I could do that and even think remotely sexy thoughts. I am very impressed!!

    • Yeah fear turns some people on :O Not normally me though buuuut I was so close to her and could feel skin and it was dark… Hehehehheh.. Ok just need to do some heavy breathing and then I’ll REALLY sound creepy lol!

  4. Girl versions of cock blocked:
    – minge-hinged

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