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Silly Season Update


Sorry I’ve been a tad quiet, its just the silly season and for so many reasons. So here’s an update.

Tradies are starting to not turn up here because they’re busy right before Christmas. Good news though is I’ve been busting arse painting and making shelves and I now have a walk in wardrobe! Its tiny but its not a main bedroom so who cares. I’ve been living out of an antique one that’s only boob height so anything is an improvement on that!

Christmas presents. [Insert expletives here].


Ok don’t get me wrong, I love giving. More so than receiving. But I’m sooo poor. I’ve got $100 in my account with likely only $50 more coming in before Xmas. So basically my brother has bought stuff for me and him to give our parents and I’ll just owe him the money. Cue guilty feeling! I still haven’t got him anything but he has got me something so my money will have to go to him. I was going to get bf a fleshlight (hehehehheh) and he was going to pay for a tattoo but maybe we’ll just have to skip presents this year. I’d honestly prefer my present to be that I can talk to DD as normal again.

Which brings me to DD. Bf wants us to chat just as friends because he’s not ok with me liking another guy. I’m poly, he’s not (well not with men, women are fine), but he’s slowly getting there. Even through the mundane friend convos I now have with DD like “how’s work?” “Yeah fine, how’s your day?”, I still like him. He’s a great guy. I can’t just switch off feelings because someone tells me to. So yeah, struggling with that as usual. DD even said his goodbyes till January because he wants me to stop being stressed and enjoy my time with bf. He’s so caring ❀

I'm still up to my usual antics. I had an awesomely relaxing bath last night (bath salts, wank, book) but got out and looked in the mirror – there was a freakin black spider chilling out on my shoulder. Seriously hope it wasn't there during my self-love time, that would be extremely awkward. Animals should NEVER watch in my opinion, I don't care what animal they are!

Like Ann, I’ve been thoroughly entertained with Fetlife too.
*There’s this lovely guy who loves feet, intense pain and goths standing on him with their shoes (basically my complete opposite) who is just chatting because he can. I stopped replying because to be frank, the conversation is him talking about how he’s renting a house and how he’s about to buy it so needs to fix the drain out the back. Maybe I should try to swing the convo back to his fetishes (not the foot fetish, the shoe part I can handle though!)


Although I can imagine standing on a consenting adult with these to be kind of fun..

*Another guy with a huuuge dong is telling me he would love to suck on my puss (for the record I only have face shots up and one headless shot of cleavage – all very pg rated). Ok I love guys who love lady parts but on his profile he claims something like ‘the hairier the better’. How to break it to him.. Haha here’s the convo:
mmm i wish we lived closer id love to put my beard between your legs and have your juices flow down it
As extremely hot as that sounds, you might not like it so much – I don’t have any pubes! πŸ˜›
I bet I’d still love it ❀
Hair is enjoyable but the taste of a nice wet pussy dripping down my tongue is still still my favorite

Daaaamn I love cunnilingus addicts *happy sigh* I actually contemplated if I'd be travelling anywhere near him on my USA holiday next year.. But.. The huge dong… My giney is equally jumping for joy and crying. Tough decision! Hopefully I'll have DD with me and won't have any time/energy to go down that route (Hehehehheh… Yeeeah root means sex in Australia).

*Omg, I've found such an awesome guy. He's poly, silly (he called me dorkbutt! Hehe), fun, and he's into pet play! What's that you ask? This.


He’s so awesome. And quite good looking. Will be keeping him in my sights for the momentous occasion when I actually get to be full poly with the bf πŸ˜€ he even said he sees me as a little bird and would love for me to fly in to visit his poly family occasionally, hehe how cute! And in the meanwhile, when he gets his next kitty I’m totally going round there to throw a ball of yarn around for her and get my arm chewed on. Random fun!

I’ve also been converting the sucket list and fetish list over to their own pages, so stay tuned! They should be up and ready this week. I wouldn’t bother but apparently you’re all deviants out there – views are consistent on them even several months later πŸ˜›

Hope you’re all coping with the silly season and can find some time to relax amongst it all! Xo


Rambling Goat


Author: ramblingg0at

Life loves to set me up for its own entertainment. But instead of me hiding these awkward moments, I plan on sharing them for my own (and possibly your) amusement. Now who's laughing, life?

6 thoughts on “Silly Season Update

  1. Is it wrong that I have boots like that?

    I don’t have the spikes on the platform and heel though…

    • Hahaha you want the guys details?? πŸ˜‰

      And no, totally not wrong! My first boots were a short spikeless version of those πŸ˜‰ I don’t judge anyone, fashion OR fetish, but I’m not exactly into goths standing on me, I’m not a goth and I don’t own boots like that anymore. Nothing matched up between us but hey, I’m going to pick his brain because I’m kind of intrigued πŸ˜›

  2. I’m talking to a bi-sexual cross-dresser now (he’s in my friend list, just sayin). It’s a whole new weird world.

    (and I love shoes too)

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