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Things I don’t give a shit about but probably should


I’m a naturally apathetic person.  A regular utterance from my lazy lips on a daily basis would be “meh”.

A whole lotta stuff to me is a whole lotta meh.  And so,  there are some things in this life that I just don’t really care about,  where many others seem to take issue.  I don’t know if this makes me inherently lazy or solidly depressed,  but …. meh.

Here you have it:  things I don’t give a shit about but probably should

Getting scratches on my car

Scratches and dints on my car just don’t get my anger girdle going.  Even though I finally drive a car that wasn’t made in the 80s or 90s,  I still can’t give a shit when I notice a ding.  As long as the insides work, meh.

Getting my period

Some girls get all high horsey and shit when the red river flows:

“Oh it’s that time of the month,  I feel like shit, whinge whinge whinge,  periods suck balls”.

“Treat me extra special,  aunt flow has arrived”.

“Get me a rag on a stick,  I’m on my period and that automatically – for some irrational reason – means you need to treat me like a princess!”

I’ve never really found it a big deal,  nor felt the need to ever whinge about it or use it to my advantage.  I just.  Don’t.  Care.  I can’t really even remember my first time I just don’t give a shit that much,  but I’m pretty sure it went something like, “oi mum,  I’m bleedin and shit, pass me one of those pads will ya?” (okay maybe I didn’t really talk like that when I was a teen, but whatevs).

Periods.  Don’t give a shit.

Stop being pussies, ladies.

Folding Clothes

Nope.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  Buy your clothes strategically so they don’t crinkle,  roll em in a ball and chuck em in the basket.  Done.  The boy has to have his clothes perfectly folded,  but meh I find it such a waste of time and effort.

Unless you have one of those folding mechanisms.  Then maybe I would attempt it for the lols.

This shit exists yo!

Being Nice to People who don’t like me

You don’t like me and I don’t like you.  Why waste energy on these types of mofos?  I guess I should try and be a little more diplomatic when dealing with people I don’t like and not tell them to go slit their throat (thank you School Reunion),  but I just don’t give a shit.

On many occasion in my life I’ve gotten myself into trouble,  or been painted as the bitch,  cos I won’t shy away from telling a dick knob where he can shove his head (happens to be where a sun don’t shines),  where other friends will smile and nod and be nice in fear of being rude.  But MEH.

Expiry Dates

If it doesn’t smell,  isn’t slimey,  and hasn’t been sitting there for a ludicrously long time,  I’ll probably eat or drink it.

The boy will throw milk out on the day it says it expires.  But I’ve totally had it two days after cos it’s still been FINE.

Pretty sure medieval plebeians didn’t care so much,  so neither do I. Meh.

Aaaaand I’ll still drink it. Boom.

Clothing Brands and Designer Labels

Pfft I’m not going to spend billions of dollars on a stupid handbag when I can get one that’s just as cool for $50.

Designer labels are just a stupid status label and I just don’t give a shit.

Oh,  you spent $2000 on a Prada bag?  Yeah,  well I’m taking that money and going to JAPAN INSTEAD YOU SUPERFICIAL PERSON YOU.

Meh.  Imma sit her in my $10 pants and be happy.

I don’t WANT to, you smell like moth balls.

And there’s probably alot of things I can add to this,  but I’ve stopped giving a shit about this and wanna watch a movie now so ……. something something five dollars? Get outta here!

Coming up soon when I feel like it but probably won’t:  Things I give too much of a shit about

Nonsense Unicorn


Author: nonsenseunicorn

Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

13 thoughts on “Things I don’t give a shit about but probably should

  1. Love this!

    Things I don’t give a shit about:
    *’Super’ foods – no I will not get on the goji berries and chia seeds bandwagon.
    *Newborn babies – ummm they look like aliens.
    *Exercise – really seriously wtf. Thank god my job makes me fit or I’d need to be craned out of the house.

    Things I do but probably shouldn’t:
    *Hanging my clothes – I turn them inside out so they don’t fade and put daggy stuff on the outside and good stuff in the middle..
    *The kitchen bench – if food drops on it I won’t eat it. I have it (and the bench cleaning sponge) in my mind as being wayyy germy.

    • I dont care about superfoods, babies, or exercise either! Forgot those!

      • Hahaha dude there is way more but like you, I’m too distracted by an Aldi ad to be bothered thinking of more. Mehhhh.

        In other news, there’s turkeys at aldi for $5.99! Or was it 6.99? And it was possibly a chicken and not a turkey. Whatevs.. LOL

        • Theyre pretty much the same thing haha

          • I used to think that but I saw a couple of them like 2 weeks ago and they’re freakin huge and have shit hanging off their face!!

            Totes stand by my decision pre-viewing that having a turkey for a pet is a good choice. I will have a farm that is basically a zoo for weird looking animals 😀

  2. You should make more of these “I don’t really give a shit but probably should lists” …it made me feel better about not giving a shit about adult-like things…like making my bed or being ten minutes late to work or “being healthy” I mean as long as I look good naked the rest is just “meh.” Your non-sensicle verbiage spoke to me. …well kind of…meh. 🙂

  3. Love this! I spent somewhere shy of 20 years in a state of utter meh. Seriously. I was meh about my own existence and I was at the precipice of discovering whether I could meh the trigger or not . I found that I could.

    Seriously, I did finally start to give a shit about things that I should have.

    • Woah i was just thinking in the car that i am meh about my existence too! Im not suicidal or WANT to die, but i dont think i mind if i ceased to exist tomorrow.

      I need to learn yor secret to un-mehing!

      • Well, I will say that when you are bent on offering up the ultimate Meh and you have the business end of a tool (that can facilitate that) in your mouth, at some point you realize that you need help that must come from without.

  4. There is way too much I don’t give a shit about (a lot of it controversial)! I think the older I get, more things in life get shuffled to the ‘idontgiveashit’ file. I don’t think it is apathy, I just realize how many things in life are so inconsequential.

  5. I don’t give a shit about ANY of these things, either! I mean, I do hate my period, but I don’t get all prissy about it unless I’m having HORRIBLE cramps.

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