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Procrastination, you sneaky son of a gun


I have a report due in 14 hours and here I am writing a blog post.  Procrastination,  you win again!

Are you mocking me, interwebs?!

I do this with every assignment or exam,  “just do a little bit every day and then you won’t be so stressed when it’s due!”

“Next time, start earlier!  Future NU will thank you for it!”

“Stop being a lazy mofo and get motivated!”

I always seem to find a way to talk myself out of doing the “smart” thing and getting it done periodically.  Is my brain so smart that I just outsmart my smarts all the time?

“Sure, play playstation for now! You’ll totally get the report done laaaater!”

Or,  it’s moreover that I’m just an unmotivated lazy mofo who can’t get out of old habits.

Moral of the Story

Next time,  I WILL start earlier! ……right after I finish this level on The Evil Within…..

This pointless blog is lazily brought to you by

Nonsense Unicorn


Author: nonsenseunicorn

Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

7 thoughts on “Procrastination, you sneaky son of a gun

  1. I’m a professional procrastinator… lol

  2. My quote: if it wasn’t for the last moment, I’d never get anything done.

    Ahhhh….fine college memories for me, procrastinating writing my term papers. One reason for me waiting (which may be why I kept putting it off) is that I focus when I have a deadline. I did some of my best work under pressure.

  3. “just do a little bit every day and then you won’t be so stressed when it’s due!”

    Bwahahahaha! Is that the procrastinators line or what? I say that too and get distracted by the twatter often. I mean, I just have to see what’s going on with all the bloggers right? Right.

    Go do your report you lazy sod 😛

  4. Is Evil Within worth playing?

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