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Wiping the shit off the floor


Things didn’t go as disastrously as I anticipated on Sunday after shit hit the fan with our ex-roommates.  That’s not to say there were rainbows shining out of my ass – oh no,  all day it felt like my heart was hammering through my ribcage with a rusted pick axe, I was that anxious.  I felt like my soul swung between either extreme rage or extreme tears,  no middle ground.  Suffice to say,  I think I did an okay job at pretending I was okay.

Of course,  I did what any socially anxious person who has been vindicated and burned would do and ignored the stupid bitch all day.  In hindsight,  I wish I could have been strong enough to stand up and talk to her and burn her with my resolve, but alas the pain was (is) still too raw and the only way I could disguise my tears was to give her my back.

The worse that happened all day was a general air of silent awkwardness – I was the pink elephant in the room that everyone was trying to pretend was not there.  Plastic smiles and vapid hellos,  failed secret death stares from the Boy’s youngest sibling who “I have apparently (due to the bitchfaces lies)” hurt.  Which,  to be honest,  I can’t hold against her for doing.  If I thought someone called me a c$%^ I would probably do the same,  so it’s not her fault that she would feel a certain sense of animosity towards me.

Unfortunately,  due to my integrity I will not stoop to Bitchface’s level and play tit for tat with the facts.  I will sit back and hope that time will heal the damage her viperous tongue has caused without stooping to her level.

So that was that.  When we drove away I felt a certain sense of relief knowing that I survived that.

The boy saw his brother (Bitchface’s boyfriend and also ex-roommate) the next day.  His brother told him that he has absolutely no idea what has happened and that him and bitchface don’t know what went wrong.

You see,  he was in the shower when the altercation happened,  and it’s evident that she has also fed him lies on what has happened.  The boy told him about Bitchface barging into my door and abusing me,  to which he denied as being “out of her character”.  Sadly,  it looks like he is foolishly blinded by her succubus ways.

What?  You cannot be serious that they don’t know what happened?  THEY FUCKING STARTED THE WHOLE THING.  And are actually believing her lies.

She’s either a manipulative immature bitch or a stupid bitch.  Or more likely,  a combination of them both because it is pretty damn obvious who is in the wrong here.

But again,  rather than get angry,  I will let time do it’s thing and heal the pain until I can be strong enough the accept that she will never learn,  you cannot force people to observe their own folly,  and I will never get an apology for what happened.  As hard as it is to not confront her about all she is done – this is my life lesson I will learn in humility.

In the mean time,  I will just revel in fantasies of her being ran over by a train full of rabbid lemurs.

Moral of the Story:  people usually make their own bed and will get their comeuppance in this life.  As tempting as it is to try and expedite the process,  let the universe due the talking and move on with your life!  Assholes will be assholes,  that doesn’t mean you have to become one too.

(ps:  Yeah I totally deleted her off facebook – TAKE THAT!)

Nonsense Unicorn


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4 thoughts on “Wiping the shit off the floor

  1. Hahaha Facebook de-friending in the ultimate burn!
    Glad to hear it went well(ish)! Karma will sort the girl out 🙂

  2. Ultimate burn: unfriended on Facebook! Fuck that ho! I’ll friend her, just so I can unfriend her!

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