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When Shit Hits the Fan


Just when you think you’ve had your share of assholes in one lifetime,  someone comes around and tops of the douchebag cake.

On the plus side,  it shows that there’s always surprises in this life, right?  Although this is definitely the kind of surprise I could have ever hoped for or imagined.

So this follows my previous post,  Roommates:  Not Even Once.  If you didn’t already gather from that post,  shit hit the fan yesterday with our “darling” roommates.  After weeks of silently cleaning up after their slovenly asses (because I can be a doormat and let people walk over me) – I finally said something to them after waking up and finding the kitchen in a state that resembled a flying spaghetti monster orgy.

I was almost in tears after having to do their dishes before I could even make my morning coffee (because I could barely get to the coffee machine),  and decided to say something.  What I said was along the lines of, “I have to say this guys,  but I don’t mind if you make a mess in the kitchen,  if you could just make an effort to clean it up before I get there it would be great cos it’s not fair”.

Now,  the adult response I thought I would get was, “ah shit,  sorry about that!  No worries,  will do that next time!”  I think this is why I hate confrontation – you can envisage all you like how you think things will go,  but it ever goes the way you thought and then you’re left stumped.

The response I got: “What? I was gonna do it!  There was your mess there too so I couldn’t do it.  You didn’t have to do it”


I was holding back tears. Me:  “Yes I did have to do it because it’s my house!”

This was followed by more unnecessary defensive dribble and ended up with me crying in my room.  I called my partner in tears,  unknowingly the bitch was standing under my door listening to everything I was saying,  barging into my door calling me a fucking bitch.

They moved out that day.  I ran off to my parent’s house because I was dumbfounded by their immature response to my request for cleanliness.

I thought that would be it – okay things got heated,  things will cool down and whatever,  shit happens.

Oh no.  It doesn’t end with a mere confrontation.

I find out later in the day that the bitch has called all of the Boy’s family and told them a skewed version of events,  including a declaration that I have called one of his sister’s a c*&% (which is a grain that has been taken completely out of context – but that’s what douchebags do,  right?  Hear what they want to hear and communicate the bad stuff in their favour).  Effectively attempting to turn his family on me and turning me into the “evil bitch who kicked them out penniless”.


I am feeling gob-smacked, shocked and hurt that this sorry excuse for a human has actually deliberately gone out to vindicate me for her own gain.  I have never actually experienced this kinds of douchebaggery before – which is really strange because now I think of all the people I thought that wronged me in my life hadn’t actually,  and were just lost souls.  This one,  however,  has gone out to hurt me.  She is actually an evil person.

So now I embark into the lions den with his family,  knowing they have heard all the misconstrued shit from the viper’s mouth and hoping that they can see through her lies and evilness.

I will not stoop down to her level – I will not get petty and tell them all the horrible things she said about them while she was staying with us.  Although that would be the easy option,  I will not be as immature as her.

Wish me luck.

Nonsense Unicorn


Author: nonsenseunicorn

Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

10 thoughts on “When Shit Hits the Fan

  1. Yep, you said it right, don’t stoop to her level.
    If anyone is going to judge you based on stories they’ve heard, and not based on the person they already know, then they don’t deserve your attention.

    What to do when people hate you? Not a damn thing. You’re awesome and its your life you’re living, not theirs. If they want to be judgemental fools then they can do whatever they want in their own lives, and spend what little emotional energy they have on hating you, but that’s *their* lives, and you have your own life. And in your life, you’re happy and cbf wasting any sort of energy or mental capacity on them.

    Easier said than done but if you think of your emotional energy as a certain amount (like a jar full), then you start realising what stupid things we waste our worry on! I’ve wasted far too much on stupid shit in my life so now when I feel like I’m getting upset, I step back and try to think logically and tend to move on from it pretty quickly.

    You’ll be fine deary! I still love ya and you’ll soon find out that the family still does too 🙂

  2. Oh my lords.

    I don’t understand immature people. However I know how you feel about the whole messy thing.

    I’m currently on the lookout for a new home, preferably a single bedroom thing so that the only person I clean up after is myself and my cat. I’m at my wits end with my lot too.

    Hang in there, they will either see through her lies or not, however keep your head up high knowing that you are who you are and they will come around to realising what a little shit she is eventually.

  3. Living with roommates can be a big gamble. I once took a roommate to court, funny story.

    Sometimes people are just so awful, they will even treat the person they live with like that. It’s so tough I know. Hard to understand, just something to deal with in life on occasion. Hopefully not often.

    However, you did write the words “flying spaghetti monster orgy” in this blog and that almost makes it all worth it 😀

  4. I’ve only had two decent roommates in my life, and the others used me as a doormat. I hated it. I feel for you; the whole he said, she said bull crap is the worse.

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