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Officially Sugared


Ok its been a long time coming – I finally met up with the Sugar Daddy.

Here’s a little background info:
*He used to be my boss
*He’s older, let’s just say 40+. I don’t actually know his age and have never asked (and he’s never told me). I’m 27.
*He has grey hair and a short beard (like he hasn’t shaved in a week or 2)
*He’s fit and tattooed
*We stayed in contact when I left that workplace and we are good friends
*He’s mature when he wants to be, but drives a hotted up ute, has a motorbike, wears a hoodie at times and doesn’t exactly look or act like someone else of his age might. He can be silly and have a laugh too – we get along well despite the age difference
*He’s currently single and has no kids
*He told me he’s just looking for fun and after I complained that my libido was through the roof, he mentioned that if I wanted to have any fun, be a fwb or just continue being a friend, he’s happy either which way. Yep, he planted the seed.

Ok so we’d been talking for a while after this seed planting. Convos were getting dirtier, he sent dick pics (which just loudly I don’t like, but if it makes them happy doing it then I’m not going to stop them), and we had a talk about age difference. I was a little intimidated as he would mention older, tatted up girls that liked masturbating for him on skype. I’m just little ol’ awkward me – definitely not in the same boat as those girls! He told me calmly not to compare myself to others and that he likes me for the awkward silly younger girl that I am – its more down to earth than those other girls. Yes. What a gentleman.

He mentioned more than a few times that he’d like to buy me gifts and that he liked to do that for good friends. The conversation got onto sugar daddies. He said he didn’t like the term ‘daddy’ but everything pointed to him fitting under this label. I started following sugar daddy blogs to get an insight (I love you WordPress!).

I eventually had a chance to meet up for a few days (he lives 5 hrs drive/1 hr plane trip from me). It could have been sooner as he was prepared to pay for me to fly down, but being new to the sugar daddy thing, I just wanted to spend time with him on my terms first. I didn’t want gifts or money until after we’d had sex because getting them before that seemed a little greedy to me. I was actually struggling with the whole money/gift/paid holidays thing right from when he first mentioned it as I’m big into equality, but reading the SD blogs helped me realise its a win-win situation. The men want to do it and if it makes them happy then that makes me happy.

Anyway so we met up. And believe you me, I thought this would be a hilarious blog post about him taking his teeth out (he has like 4 fake ones in the front) and snoring next to my freaked-out self in bed. But wow. Words cannot explain how insanely good my time with him was.

As far as details go, well there were 7 sex adventures (just saying ‘sex’ doesn’t do them justice) in the 2 days, the quickest of which lasted over an hour. He worshipped my lady parts beyond what I thought was possible, he was skilled, fun, and kinky. He’d made me a spreader bar, had gone and bought – and then used on me – a whole bunch of toys and he also tied me up, choked me, nibbled, licked, teased and downright treated me as his little sex toy. Meow. I loved it.

He’s dominant and I wanted to make sure he was happy but he was completely enthralled with playing with me – I never even got a chance to give a bj. Shocking! And as far as penetration, well it was used to tease me a few different times in the piece (pounding then pulling out and doing something else) before he eventually came. And he only did so after I was so exhausted I could barely move.

Not only that but we’d spend the rest of the time hanging out, cuddling, watching telly, he even took me out to dinner (I paid half). Then…. As I was about to leave, he gives me $500.

I felt awful. I’d been worshipped for the last 2 days and now I was being rewarded for it?! He told me it was to spend on my holiday. Which he knew I was going on with my ex. Why am I surrounded by cyborgs?! Seriously, WTF. I told him I couldn’t take it. The original premise was that I would clean his house and he’d pay me some money so I could use it on my holiday. I felt that was pretty fair. Plus I’d do it in lingerie or a maid outfit so he could watch. But obviously there was no time to clean, there was barely time to eat! So I felt I hadn’t worked for my money at all.

There was a moment where he started feeling awkward due to my guilt of being paid for not cleaning. He told me that I should take however much of it I felt comfortable taking. I thought of my holiday and my lack of money. I told him I felt comfortable taking however much he could live without and that I promised to clean the next time. He told me again to take whatever I wanted, it’s a present for a good friend and the cleaning didn’t matter, he just wanted me to have a good holiday. I took the $500. BUT I told him I’d spend some of it on something for him and later on added that I’d spend some on charity. That made me feel ok about it.

I ended up spending some on a day trip out to a volcano island, and the rest on lingerie and sex toys. The day trip I figured was good because my parents had wanted to go but bad weather stopped them from going, so without telling them how I was able to fund it, I took lots of photos and they were so excited with my stories of the day. Although the sexy stuff was for me ultimately, I can always take pics and send them to him so he can see where his money is going. And next visit I’ll take some goodies with me.

I told him I didn’t have any money left to donate to charity and that I’d have to wait till next pay day and his response was “well I’ll send you money to cover the stuff from the sex shop and then you can use some of it for charity”. My god, this man is unbelievable. For the record, I said no – I need to spend it from my own money to warrant good karma, which I will *definitely* need after looking like a greedy bitch standing next to this genuine honourable caring man. I guess I’m still not feeling entirely equal with his generosity.. I’ll get there.

I’ve learnt a few things from this experience;
*Not to judge someone’s attractiveness based on age – personality always wins
*Older men are wayyyy more experienced in the bedroom – guys my age now seem like greedy fumbling virgins in comparison (sorry guys, is that too harsh? 😛 )
*Different things make different people happy
*BDSM (the proper half-an-hr-to-get-out-of-subspace-properly kind, not just fluffy handcuffs) is awesome
*If you have a lot of orgasms in a row, very quickly, they end up joining together creating a mammoth one. That lasts forever. And will make your neighbours jealous
*I need to see this guy again. Asap!
*Oddities suddenly become less important when everything else is amazing. I totes don’t care this guy has a few fake teeth, a stuffed teddy bear, and likes to lick me all over so much that all I can smell is spit. Lots of showers fixes the last one at least!

So girls, don’t be completely discouraged by an older gentleman. I’m convinced it’s a legit option now. And I hope some young toy boy will be writing something similar about me when I’m a cougar in the coming years!

Rambling Goat


Author: ramblingg0at

Life loves to set me up for its own entertainment. But instead of me hiding these awkward moments, I plan on sharing them for my own (and possibly your) amusement. Now who's laughing, life?

17 thoughts on “Officially Sugared

  1. I can tell you in the last 12 months having sampled several in the 20s, 30s, and 40s, I would take the older guys any day. WAY more experienced. WAY more talented…and WAY more into pleasing you. I wrote a few posts about it…I can hunt down the names if you like.

    • I’ll have a sticky beak through your posts when I get a chance Ann! And yes, I feel this may have opened a whole new world for me :O I’m looking at older men in a different light now 😀

      • The best lovers I’ve had (Johnny aside who is a league of his own) have generally been older. So, just my own statistically significant sample 😉

        • Nawww I hope you two get a chance to talk it out, I really do xo
          And I should also thank you – after hearing about your overflowing drawers, I didn’t feel one bit of guilt about buying out half the sex shop, in fact, it egged me on to keep buying more 😉 Its hard to try and put ourselves first when there’s chores, bills, kids etc but gosh darn it, sexual happiness is necessary.

  2. I agree on older guys…but I am 45 and prefer around 38-42 (so younger than me, but no 20’s!)…I don’t like older than that…maybe it’s cause my ex-H is 50 and he was too “old” for 50…

    • Yes it certainly helped that although this SD is older and experienced, his personality and maturity matched mine. It wouldn’t have happened if he acted like an old man!

      I’m scared to go back to 20s now hahaha I’ve seen the light! :O

  3. You perplex me. You’ll probably marry him.

    • This will perplex you more;
      1. I don’t understand marriage and/or monogamy, its not my thing
      2. I’ve just started dating the hulk again

      Got another post coming that may piece this crazy puzzle together a bit more 😉

      • Lol no marriage is stupid as shit. If you were all about it that would perplex me even more. Your unwillingness to accept the role and some sugar baby is just odd… I feel real weird about people who fall for their sugar daddies and I feel like the rejection of money is phase one.

        • Yeah my brain is wired for equality, so it’s definitely odd to me. I guess the other part is we were already friends, and pretty close, so the awesome sex just made the friendship all that much better. Randoms giving me money would be much easier than friends giving me money. I just always feel the need to pay them back.

          I fall for a lot of people, which is why I’m pro-poly. But no, I suspect he’ll get a new gf soon and be monogamous and all the fun will be over. It’s a long term friendship but we’ll never be living close enough to each other to warrant anything else, so it’ll either just be friendship or fwbs.

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