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Pedophile Trap


Yeah I’m a dick, but not as bad as some creepy fucks out there!

So as procrastination from study and after seeing a comment of someone who did the same (and got a disconnect), I decided to do a 2 minute catfish stint on Omegle.

Here is how it went:



WTF, like my predecessor I was assuming that I would get an immediate disconnect because, you know, corrupting 11 year olds with sexual advances is WRONG.

The conversation went on for a little more after that, involving me calling them out on their advances being wrong with their retaliation “I’m
Fuking ur mum she got a good ass” and the like. Which, makes me think that they themselves may not be far from 11 themselves as the only conversation they were capable of holding consisted of my mum loving their cock – which in itself is a sad thought to think that young kids could be so crass.

Moral of the story: don’t be a pedophile because pedophiles are massive lamebos and corrupting youth for your own sexual satisfaction is selfish and developing a society of … Something something wrongness. Yeah.

I get it if you’re horny, but make sure to talk to someone your own size – or watch porn, that’s way easier!

Rant over

nonsense unicorn


Author: nonsenseunicorn

Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

7 thoughts on “Pedophile Trap

  1. Dude! I was once in a chat room when I was 11 and some creepy fuck tried to cyber sex me! Knowing my age!

    He was all “ok now you’re walking into the bedroom” and I’m all “and now I’m jumping out of the window and running away!” Hahaha what a fuckwit. It was early in the piece in my love of chat rooms and intuition told me how to deal with that pedo scumbag. Maybe we should all pretend to be younger occasionally to catch them out :O

    • That’s so creepy! I think I recall people trying that on me when going on to … ICU? Was that what it was called!

      It’s so wrong! I wanna try more to see how many more are out there, like an experiment…

  2. This whole thing makes me giggle. Please do more and share!!

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