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Pokemon cybersex


So I downloaded this app today where you’re meant to be able to talk to people about things like games, anime, books, shows whatever. I thought, “yeah ok let’s try this out – maybe this could be an anonymous forum for me to express all the exciting things that happen in Skyrim that people in the real world don’t care about”.

(I play games, cool? Cool).

So I’m just casually browsing through the discussions going on an stumble across this:


What? Pokemon and human role play?!

Will get dirty?!

What the freakin hell! So, as curiosity at ludicrous things would have it, I go in to see if this is just a joke… And the conversation goes like this:

Pokemon 1: *training in forest*

Pokemon 2: *walks through forest, you notice my sizeable breasts*

Pokemon 1: oh hai ur cute *checks out those hot breasts*

Pokemon 2: oh k thanx *notice u check my breasts and don’t care*

Pokemon 1: *starts training again – OOPS slips and falls right on top of Pokemon 2!*

Pokemon 2: TAKE ME NOW *touches ur pants*

Pokemon 1: I’ll take u wen u make me feel good first

Now HERE is where I thought I had to interject with:

Me: voltorb enters and SELF DESTRUCTS

End of story.

Now seriously, I get fetishes and all that kinda stuff, but role playing on a public forum that you’re 2 POKEMON who start getting it on – oh, because one “fell on top of the other one” (pretty sure I’ve used that excuse before) – seriously, there is something wrong with this picture.

That is all.

nonsense unicorn


Author: nonsenseunicorn

Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

10 thoughts on “Pokemon cybersex

  1. Hahahahaha you ruin online chats with the best calls. But you are also a mighty fine aphrodisiac so its a match made in heaven 😉

    Ps gardevoir is preeeeetty hot.

  2. My friend at a party was talking to this girl with the pick up line of,

    “What’s your favourite pokémon? Mine’s metapod, cuz it can harden quickly, if ya know what I mean ;P”.

    I prefer the “Lemme use hydro pump on you. Believe me, it’ll be super effective and who knows, you might just even squirtle.”

    We were promptly not spoken to for the rest of the evening by everyone else there (we were the new guys at the party).

    Worth. It.

  3. “I wonder what you look like naked, because I’d love to Pikachu.”

    But still, actually wanting to roleplay a Pokémon is quite far out the box, I must say.

  4. I just came here because I’m a community manager of cam sites and started searching for cybersex and big breasts lol.


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