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There’s a little lamebo in all of us


This blog is meant to be about turning lamebos into rainbows – you know, empowering the masses to live a life of awesomeness and joy and joyness! And I think we make a pretty good team, boom!

But, like any normal human, I am suffering from a slight lamebo infliction that I can’t inspire my way out of.

I am a hermit.

Sometimes this can be a good thing. I can keep myself amused for hours, I’m content to be alone – yeah I’m in a relationship an happy in it, but if I were to suddenly be single I wouldn’t particularly have an issue with it. I’ve never been one to define myself by someone else.

But sometimes it can be a bad thing. A symptom of my hermitdom is a general lack of contact with people outside of my microcosm – including friends, family, and blog associates alike. Rambling Goat and the Boy are probably the only exceptions – everyone else would be lucky to get a msg from me every 6 months.

Some friends know what I’m like and don’t judge me on it, which is awesome. But others have faded away, such as is the natural progression of life.

Do I not care? Of course I care – I just exist in a different type of social world, seemingly not needing as much socialisation. But maybe that’s a LIE. Maybe I do need the socialisation, and that’s why I feel like a lamebo.

In the end, when it comes to friends I’m a strong believer in quality and not quantity. But I can’t help but feel like I must inherently be a bitch, or not a nice person, because I have friends who have “more” friends than me, are generally more personable, or hang with friends that I’m don’t like anymore.

It’s hard not to think maybe there’s something wrong with me – but I really don’t want to waste my time on people that I seriously don’t click with?

Just because I’m a weird puzzle piece that doesn’t clock with as many people as others – does that make me bad?

Sometimes I catch myself thinking these things and think, “stop being so juvenile”, but I guess it’s like womanly hormones or some crap that makes me think these things?

So there you have it – even rainbows can end up in … A pot of poop?

Moral of the story: there’s a little lamebo in all of us, but that doesn’t define who you are!

Nonsense Unicorn


Author: nonsenseunicorn

Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

5 thoughts on “There’s a little lamebo in all of us

  1. 1. I deleted my Facebook account and sent out a msg telling everyone my email and phone number and warning them that they shouldn’t assume I have their number/email so to contact me first. I had around 100 friends (I liked to keep it to that number) and I had 5 people contact me. 5!! Wtf. People are only friends if its convenient apparently. So yes, I’m totally with you on the quality vs quantity point. People are lazy shits. Me included haha! But good quality friends will make the effort.
    2. You are a hilarious puzzle piece that clicks with everyone and don’t you forget it! If people don’t contact you well that’s a shame for them, they’re totally missing out. Possibly they’re being antisocial hermits too? Or they are intimidated by your awesomeness haha! Yep that’s more likely.
    3. Hormones are a bitch.
    4. Yeah I guess we need socialising but I’ve moved away for 2 years and I haven’t made a single friend where I live. I guess working on my parents farm doesn’t help but do I care? Nope. Sad to say but family, a few good friends and this wonderful bunch in the blogging community is enough for me. So maybe socialising isn’t the be all, end all.
    5. There’s nothing wrong with being a hermit! I’m a hermit due to my lack of money (I’m not sure which is worse?). So you’re not the only hermit round the traps haha!

    I guess just do what makes you happy, fuck what society expects of us. A couple of great friends is better than 98 fake friends any day. And those beer ads that have a bunch of ‘friends’ laughing and playing volleyball (did I just make that up?) is completely unrealistic, real friends eat a bag of chips and hang out in onesies watching crappy movies with you.

    If that made no sense I will blame the beer I just sculled because it was very close to going warm. My bad!

    Ps. Love you like something something 5 dollars, get outta here!
    Pps. I’m watching claymore and loving it, you’d be proud. Woop woop!
    Poos. (<that was meant to read ppps hahahaha holy shit) Hope I turned that lamebo into a rainbow 🙂 happens to the best of us! Xo

    • And that’s why I love ya :-p hehe always know how to get me out of my Emo glitch!

      Speaking of beer and volleyball – I have decided that I the only way I could probably fathom enjoying football if they put rabid warthogs as clowns with pitchforks riding segways on the field at the same time! Ok nothing to do with volleyball or beer, but all sports the same right?

  2. Nothing wrong with being a hermit at all, some of my favorite people in the world can be hermits (including, humbly, myself)

    • That’s what I try to tell myself! Perhaps it’s not the hermitdom I have issue with, but more the fact that I can’t be bothered to pretend to be friends with people I truly don’t like, which others tend to do so easily!

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