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I pooped during sex – what’s your secret?


Secrets. We all have them (no matter how self righteous you wanna try and be about your life, it is inevitable that there is something you have done that you kinda don’t want people to know about). If you think you’re secretless – you’re lying!

I guess it’s human nature for us to one time in our lives to be a jerk;


or hurt someone else;


or do something hideously embarrassing;



or sometimes it’s what everyone else is thinking but you don’t know it;



maybe it was not really a big deal at all;


maybe it was actually an epic win;


Sometimes we fear we won’t be accepted for who we are;


And sometimes we just do dumb things even though we know better;



But in the end, secrets usually tend to surmount from imposing feelings of guilt, shame, or downright embarrassment. Or maybe sometimes you keep the secret not because you actually feel bad about it, but because you feel bad for the consequences on someone else. I don’t know.

But I guess the moral of the story is – so many of us are drowning in the shame and guilt that happens in our lives. And the fact is – everybody fucks up in one way or another. So we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over these things…. and something something *insert enlightening thought about accepting yourself and your faults yadda yadda*

SO,  maybe it’s a good thing that there’s apps like Postsecret and Whisper (images courtesy of) that we can use to let go of our inner turmoils – throw those secrets into the universe and let yourself be free! (and entertain other people while you’re at it,  it’s a win-win!)

(ps: I totally did poop – ever so slightly – once during sex. We had some bad chinese for lunch, tummy was gurgling, and all the pressure an orgasm causes down there … well, you know the rest! Still don’t know if the guy knew, I kinda got up and backed my way to the shower… but I’m never going to ask him!)

Nonsense Unicorn


Author: nonsenseunicorn

Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

10 thoughts on “I pooped during sex – what’s your secret?

  1. Have you ever seen those Post Secret books? Used to be a popular blog but that was a few years ago. People would make their own artistic postcard and send it anonymously, and then they would be published. Some of them were very dark, very profound. I’ll go google now to see if that blog is still out there…

    • The blog is still going! Every Sunday they post! Yeah the books are pretty cool, got one for an old friend years ago!

  2. Here it is http://postsecret.com/

    I find these physical cards better than those online whispers

    Btw my secret is… sorry I ain’t telling!

  3. Hahahahaha ‘backed my way to the shower’ this is why I could never live without you!
    And wtf @ WordPress cos your posts don’t show up in my reader thingy 😦

    Hmmm secrets let me think..
    *I once cut ‘fuck you’ in my arm (I think I was annoyed at mum? I dunno, teenage angst) and I’m reeeeeally glad it didn’t scar!
    *I don’t save flies when they land in spider webs.. But I figure if I was a fly, I’d want to die. You’re laying your eggs in rotting meat and sitting on poop all day. And I believe in reincarnation so maybe they’ll come back as a human and high 5 me? 🙂
    *I got pregnant once and sat in the abortion clinic with a new bf and just laughed and joked around the whole time while everyone else was crying around me. And then I went off sex for a couple of weeks and dumped that bf so he never got any from me. My bad.
    *I don’t fill 2 sinks up when washing up dishes. Yep, I don’t rinse. And I’m still alive. Boom.
    *I once kissed a guy with dreadlocks in an elevator (well actually he kissed me and I reciprocated for a few seconds before pushing him off) when I was away on holidays without my bf (closed relationship).

    I’m actually starting to think I don’t have secrets, because people who know me know all this already?

    Well my parents don’t know I like girls? But I don’t really feel the need to tell them, they’ll figure it out when I bring around a girl partner for them to meet. Just like they figured out I like men when I brought over bfs for them to meet. Sitting them down to tell them which genders I’m attracted to and like to have sex with is strange to me, but hey, each to their own.

    • Haha my existence circulates around excretions from orifices it’s terrible!

      I tried to be an Emo cutter once by scratching my arm but it hurt too much so I resulted to blogging!

      And yeah your parents will find out when the time is right! Need to know basis hehe

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