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Awkward school flashback


I guess we all have those cringe worthy moments from school.

Some have perhaps been the kid who peed their pants (or pooped – the next level!)

Or maybe you were the one who vomited on the school excursion (that was me, but not the story I’m talkin about).

Asked your crush out and got rejected?

Toilet paper out your pants?

I’m sure there are many a story that we look back on now and aren’t proud of. Well, I had a shocking memory smack me in the face like a dead donkey’s doodle today that, although it was years ago, I couldn’t help but jerk and almost projectile vom at the shame of it all.

So, I will share this epic tale of shame and cringe worthiness that I wish I could forget, but alas I fear it is burnt into my existence…..

This one time in Year 2 I put on one of those little 90s slip dresses and did an interpretive dance to Abba’s “Money Money Money” in front of the WHOLE DAMN CLASS

Yep that totally happened. Heck, I think some twerking may have been involved before it was even invented.

And it was totally not rehearsed, I think 7 year old me thought that I was way too good an would totally be able to make something up.

It’s just so incomprehensible to me now, because I was so damn shy and quiet during school that I got mistaken for an exchange student on too many occasions.

Anyway, I don’t know if anyone remembers me doing this and I hope not – but I think I will never forget.

What’s your cringeworthy story?

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Author: nonsenseunicorn

Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

9 thoughts on “Awkward school flashback

  1. I have way too many to mention, but I believe I did get down at some elementary school dance….9 year old me was obviously awesome with the moves….kidding, I’m also still terrible.

  2. I remember that excursion! But someone got their head split open with a school folder so that was way more gross (and the attention got diverted). I’m pretty sure the trip back I sat with my head in a bucket, lucky they had two! πŸ˜‰ Vom buddies from way back!

    Lolling at the twerking Abba dance!!! Awww I didn’t see it!

    Well ok embarrassing school stories from my end:
    *got my school dress unzipped at the back by a bully in a hallway and an older girl did it up for me (older as in like year 6 haha). Meanwhile there was a dacking and lifting skirt frenzy going on the playground, so maybe I got the better deal that day.
    *well it wasn’t at school but I vommed in a car full of school friends on the way to some Disney on ice show. We had to drive with the windows down all the way there. My bad.
    *I also went on this drop style ride with friends at a theme park. It carried 4 people at a time and 3 of my friends were wearing denim overalls. I wore denim shorts and a T-shirt and as we dropped down, my shirt flew up and I flashed a whole bunch of people at the bottom my nips (this was pre-bra age)
    *in high school I dumped a guy cos he kissed me on the cheek in front of everyone and they went ‘woooooo!’ I went bright red. So I dumped him. Hahahaha
    *school camp I was a member of a 2 person dance performance. Which could have been to spice girls or some sort of girl band. And I was wearing army pants and thought I was this tough dancer. No one clapped when we finished LOL fooouuurrrccckkk it must have looked shocking

    I’ve had many more cringeworthy experiences but they’re mostly after school. So I can remember every single detail. Thanks life! Thankfully I’ve got no shame anymore, maybe the more embarrassing shit that happens to someone, the more they just get used to it? Haha

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