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Facebook Friends Don’t Count


If you had a party,  would you invite the 300 “friends” you have on facebook?  

Pretty sure the answer from many people out there would be “Uh, no”.

It’s like the number of friends you have on facebook is meant to be some kind of reflection of how popular you are.  Or maybe it’s just laziness and you folks couldn’t be bothered to delete them all?  I don’t know,  but whatever it is I don’t like it.


I’ll admit,  I used to be one of those with over 200 friends – I would accept the lame asses from school or someone I met one time and give them access to all my private information.  But,  in the past year I have made the executive decision to cull the list of all the people I:

– don’t like
– don’t talk to
– only know by association (just because you went to school with me does not mean you are important to me)
– people who annoy me
– people I haven’t spoken to in years
– anyone who hasn’t met my bf (cos that would definitely me indicative that they don’t care about my life,  so you don’t get access to my awesome whimsical posts and photos).


I’m sure all those jerks are just your friend on facebook for gossip’s sake,  so why give them that kind of access?

So,  I dare you to go on a facebook cull.

Get your list to 100 or less – because I’m sure there are very few people out there who have meaningful connections with that many people!


Nonsense Unicorn


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10 thoughts on “Facebook Friends Don’t Count

  1. I feel you. Isn’t there a neurological study that says humans can only maintain about 120 relationships at a time, based off tribal village instincts or something? I should go look up the source, but I do believe the number is about at that.

    And the less stretched thin you are, the more you can maintain deeper relationships with those you do what to be good friends with. We cannot be everything to everyone but we should be true to those real friends.

    But do you ever make good friends with someone you know online? Occasionally I do; a small handful of strong connections I’ve garnered from hobbyist message forums and reader communities and yes blogger circles. Only a few, but some. Made all the stronger because we must be picky.


    I used to try to have less than a hundred fb friends. It didn’t work, but at 120-130 seemed to fit for me. Then I recently had a book deal and I’m now contractually obligated to grow my social network and got an official account and seek out ‘fans.’ I’ve sold out, becoming one of those people adding everybody. I know it’s lame, I know it’s insincere, but hey that is how it goes.

    Barring online marketing crap, I do completely agree with fb culls.

    Well then: feel free if anyone wants add me via my ‘About Me’ [TM] :/

    • I try to imagine if I was suddenly homeless or something, who would be there for me? And using those powers of deduction I can work out the real friends from the fakies.

      Right on that we can’t be everything to everyone – and I figure those ones can be booted of my Facebook universe!

      Personally, I have 3 online friends that I have made over the years that I have added on Facebook – this was a difficult decision and one that I usually ponder about as I rarely even tell anyone my first real name online, but yes sometimes you can make those connections.

      And Facebook for business is a totally different ball park 🙂

  2. I’ve only got 27 bitchesssss! I deleted fb for a year and a half and the only reason I got it again was to stay in touch with friends I met overseas.

    If I need to talk to non-best friends and non-overseas peeps, I just send them a fb msg.

    Having a fake name and cartoon as a photo certainly helps keep the school people and acquaintances away. Back away, not today, disco ladyyy!

    Oh and my family has a ‘group’ so I can privately chat and share photos there without the need to add them as friends.

    But yes I totes agree with getting rid of excess friends – if you don’t currently talk and don’t want to talk in the near future, what’s the point? Its like keeping an old shirt because you remember you used to like it but now you never wear it and probably never will. You’ve gone in a different direction and it doesn’t suit you anymore. Get rid of it and move on, someone else will love it!
    Damn I love analogies.. Haha!

  3. They did some study that having over 350 ish made people unhappy when they got on facebook as opposed to happy. I went through and deleted a bunch of people as well, about 600 down to 60. Although if I did like you suggested and cut everyone who had met my boyfriend I’d have about 10 and most would be his friends from college… What can I say? I am really popular.

    • Those stats would make sense because you’d be exposed to so many levels of douchebaggery! I get frustrated from facebook with the 150 I have so far, could not fathom 350!

  4. I did this a few years ago but I’m still at like 350ish or something…IDK…who cares. Anyway…I think it’s the weird creeper/stalker in all of us that likes detailed info on people we barely know or have ever talked to. It’s that weird part of everyone that wants to know if Sally is having a Shit-tastic Monday because we are too. …or maybe it’s just me? I liked this post though 🙂

    • Totally understand the need to stalk haha! But I think to myself “does knowing what Bob had for breakfast, lunch and dinner add any value to my life?” And the answer is usually no! Stalking usually makes me frustrated at the douchebaggery, so it’s better for my mental health to be “out of sight out of mind”.

      Thanks for reading!

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