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The Sucket List


We originally made this list for a guy friend who was recently divorced. We’ve added and updated quite a few times now since the original. It’s basically a list of sex conquests aka sexcapades for him and now whoever else to achieve, in order to be able to stand back and think “yep, I’ve had some good fun this lifetime.”

It’s designed to encourage fun situations, hilarious stories and memories and above all, to start saying yes to things more often. You don’t have adventures while wearing your PJs till mid-afternoon and eating 2 minute noodles for dinner. Although I’ll admit, I do that pretty often.. Haha

I hope this will empower people to get out there, do what you want and not give a shit what anyone else thinks. Don’t sit around and wait for a threesome, get a bit proactive! Feel like dressing up in a furry animal costume and rooting someone in a nurse costume? Do it! Most of us live in free countries where we can do whatever we want so I feel like we damn well should. Did I mention i’m allergic to monotony? Haha!


I’ve done what I can to accommodate, but I guess you’ll never truly complete the list if you don’t bat for both teams (your loss suckerssss :P) Well ok, if you can do the listed task on the gender you’re attracted to then just count that instead. If not, get someone to do it on you? Or watch people do it? I don’t know, you work it out.

We originally had it as a points system but I think a simple checklist is probably easier. I’ve done titles to categorise it a bit easier too. Enjoy!


Touchy feely
1. Stroke a random girls leg
2. Touch a random girls/guys arse
3. Stroke your hand over a random guys package
4. Squeeze a girls tits eg. ‘to see if they’re fake or not’, ‘i’m gay and I’ve never touched boobies before’ or maybe ‘this rambling goat told me to!’ hahaha
5. Kiss a girl/guy without knowing their name
6. Kiss a girl/guy within an hour of meeting them
7. Suck a girls/guys finger seductively


Bed someone from every continent;
1. Australia
2. North america
3. South america
4. Europe
5. Asia
6. Africa
7. Antarctica (ok obviously this is extremely difficult so I’ll allow anyone who has been there or knows someone who has eg ‘do you know anyone who has been to Antarctica?’ ‘Well my uncle..’ ‘DROP YOUR PANTS!’)


Public shenanigans
Have sex or give/receive oral in the following places;
1. Elevator
2. Fire stairs
3. Against someone’s front door
4. Next to/against a window/glass sliding door with curtains open
5. In a car
6. Car bonnet
7. In a public toilet
8. Playground/park
9. Beach
10. Pool/spa/hot tub
11. Rooftop
12. In a tree (treehouse is probably easier than on a branch if you have the opportunity.. Why aren’t there more tree houses around?! Brb gotta go build a treehouse LOL)
13. On a sports field
14. Club/bar/pub
15. Snow
16. Desert
17. Top of a mountain

Sexy times
1. Have sex with someone at least 15 years older
2. If youre gen y, have sex with someone under 20 years old (no pedo shit folks, keep it above legal age). If you’re x or baby boomers, have sex with someone at least 15 years younger
3. Do at least 5 positions in one sex session
4. Have sex 10 (or more!) times in one day
5. Have sex with at least 2 different people in one day (has to be 2 different sessions; threesomes don’t count)
6. Accidently give yourself a sex injury
7. Get a sex injury from someone else
8. Give a sex injury
9. Watch someone wank
10. Have someone watch you wank
11. Sex/oral with 2 people that are friends (doesn’t have to be in the same sex session)
12. Sex/oral with 2 people that are related (doesn’t have to be in the same sex session)
13. Get caught during a sex act
14. Sex act while other people are in the same room unaware
15. Catch an std (obviously not on purpose but shit happens occasionally)
16. Sex with opposite sex
17. Sex with same sex
18. Rags sex
19. Bareback (no condom)
20. Phone sex


Ahh there’s so many but I’ll just put a few to encourage some of you bored bettys and monotonous marys to mix it up;
1. 69 with opposite sex
2. 69 with same sex
3. Against a wall facing eachother
4. Standing doggy
5. Kneeling doggy
6. Spooning sex
7. Wheel barrow
8. Legs on shoulders
9. Cowgirl (ride that bucking bronco!! Hahaha)
10. Frogger (cowgirl but put your feet flat on floor and open your legs right out. Bounce up and down and/or grind)
11. Reverse cowgirl

Extra fun
1. Use a toy on yourself while alone
2. Use a toy on yourself while someone watches
3. Use a toy on someone else (or have them use it on themselves)
4. Have a toy used on you during sex
5. Have sex with food involved eg cucumber, carrot, lollipop, chocolate, icecream
6. Eat the food afterwards
7. Do a strip show for someone
8. Skinny dip with someone
9. Lick a piercing
10. Involve costumes eg maid
11. Lingerie
12. Bondage eg tied up


Out and about
1. Have sex with someone you just met at a club/bar/pub then meet back up with friends and carry on with your night as if nothing happened
2. Finger a girl from the back while she’s trying to order a drink
3. Give a guy a bj under a table in public
4. Get a strippers number
5. Kiss a stripper
6. Sex/oral with a stripper
7. Bang a hooker
8. Get a freebie from a hooker

Whats next?
1. Threesome 2 girls
2. Threesome 2 guys
3. Same sex threesome
4. Orgy (4+)
5. Up the butt (give/receive)
6. Have someone (or more than one) in the room watching you
7. Partake in someone’s fetish

We’re always looking to improve the list so suggestions are welcomed!

Rambling Goat and Nonsense Unicorn


Author: nonsenseunicorn

Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

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