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Japanese Illness

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I haven’t had a cold for like 2 yrs, but go to Japan for 2 weeks (where a LOT of the population spend all day wearing face masks) and get a cold. How does that work?! And the even bigger irony is that Japan is such an incredibly hygienic country; you have sanitised hand towels to clean your hands before you eat, those crazy robotic toilets that know exactly where your privates are (how do they know?!?) and most basins have motion sensor soap dispensers and running water.

Anyway face masks are so popular there that I even saw a pokemon design face mask case for sale. And its not just old people who wear them, young ‘cool’ people do too, even a bunch of thug-looking guys (FYI there are no thugs there, they’re super friendly and courteous).

I heard sick people wear the face masks to keep germs at bay but I saw one guy sneezing without one on and far too many people wearing them to account for the ratio of sick to healthy people.

So call me ignorant but if you sneeze into a face mask, wouldn’t you then have to remove it to put a new one on (thus allowing germs to spread anyway – through the air and onto your hands?). Maybe they should ditch the face mask and just carry around some glen 20? If you hear someone cough or sneeze, just spray it at them. Would work a whole lot better.

Rambling Goat

Ps. Theoretically, if someone sneezes into your eyes (which isn’t protected by the mask) would you get sick? If someone can put milk in their mouth and squirt it out their tear duct then I’m no doctor, but I have to assume they’re connected. Let it be known that I didn’t wear a face mask and no one sneezed into my eyes.. Haha


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