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School reunion can suck my balls



It’s been 10 years since we exited the wretched institution of school. So, the next natural stage is for the (dun dun DUNNNNN) school reunion.

School reunion? I have to return some video tapes that day…

I’ve found myself questioning why I would even want to attend this superficial convention to display out successes over the last decade.


To see who got fat?
Who’s married?
Who’s made some demon spawn?
Oh, look at that nerd who’s all rich an successful now?
To punch your nemesis in the face?

Really, I couldn’t give a rats ass what 99% of those people are doin with their lives, and sure they wouldn’t care about mine.

The minuscule amount of people I actually like from school I already talk to, so I really don’t feel the need to “reunite” with losers who I was never united with to begin with.

Nonsense Unicorn


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Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

4 thoughts on “School reunion can suck my balls

  1. I think of it like this – guy friends get girlfriends then stop talking to us girl friends cos their partner freaks out. Which is ridiculous, if i was going to sleep with him, I would have done it a long time ago. So thanks for making me lose a friend because of your insecurities you crazy bitches!

    Heres some advice for those controlling women out there; Be secure, be awesome, trust your man, and let him keep his school friends. Stop being suss on other women, if he sleeps with them behind your back, then he’s a piece of shit and you shouldn’t be with him. If he has girl friends and doesn’t want to sleep with them, guess what, he’s normal. Friends are friends.

    So anyway, until humanity works itself out, this is the one opportunity for possibly the rest of our lives to hang with guy friends one on one, without some wet blanket not leaving his side, controlling his alcohol intake and making him go home early. And that’s the only reason I’m going.

  2. Oh yeah and if anyone asks what job I do, I’m an astronaut. Cos that’s pretty much the coolest job ever, and will make everyone else wet their pants in shame. And yeah they should be shameful, cos talking about your work in your leisure time is boring as bat shit.

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