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Rattata killed the radio star

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I just heard a story on the radio about an old guy who ate most of an apple strudel and then started feeling really sick, so they went to check out the pie to see if it was off and they found A RAT TAIL and HALF A FREAKIN RAT attached to the tail. Inside the pie .

The old man ate half a fucking rat that was baked in the pie.

I dry wretched while I was driving and almost crashed and died and now have a fear of ingesting ANYTHING into my body.

So a big FUCK YOU to the stupid radio hosts for sharing such a disgusting story on air at 4pm in the freakin afternoon! I hope you choke on a dead donkey dick.

Nonsense Unicorn


Author: nonsenseunicorn

Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

One thought on “Rattata killed the radio star

  1. Reckon that’s the last time that guy will ever eat apple strudel? Hahaha and for future reference life, put it in my pie cos I’d totes eat half a rat for the million bucks I’d get suing some company. PS Nu, loving the title, 2 of your favourite things (80s music and pokemon) to describe one of your least favourite things, rats in pies. Hahahaha

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