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Self Esteem and that crap

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We look at ourselves through shit coloured glasses.

They say we are our own worse enemies, which I guess is kinda true but wouldn’t it be much more fun to have a real life nemesis other than the crud that goes on in your head to beat yourself up over? At least with a real nemesis you can have fun beating someone else up! Then we all win!

So tell all those negative thoughts in your brain to go suck a dead donkey’s doodle while wearing faulty roller skates because it is awesome to be a little bit speshial.


Nonsense Unicorn



Author: nonsenseunicorn

Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

One thought on “Self Esteem and that crap

  1. Woah you’ve opened up a Pandoras box here – roller skates can be faulty?! Shiiiiitttt. Although I’m sensing a practical joke idea coming from this little gem of wisdom.. *cough* Superglue the wheels *cough*
    Too bad a) no one has roller skates anymore and b) believing in karma stops me playing practical jokes on people. Dang.

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