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Cupid, go sell your crap elsewhere.

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Thank you for not getting me flowers.

My cynicism about romance lies somewhere between the assholes who waste $100 on roses as a superficial display of affection and the boycotters who want nothing to do with “Hallmark holidays”.

Yeah, Valentines Day.

I see the value in spending the day with that “special someone”, particularly as I guess it’s easy to get comfortable with your partner and forget to do nice things together – so what’s wrong with a little prompt or reminder to do so?

I just get frustrated at the damn yuppies out there who like to measure their relationship by the flashy watches, jewellery, designer label crud and overpriced dying flowers.

wow, my man really delivered this year!”

The only thing I would like delivered is some meaningful conversation an quality time together – and no amount of money can buy that.

So I actually said it to the boy: “thank you for not buying me flowers”. And I was being completely serious – him wanting to spend the evening with me meant a whole lot more. And the awesome thing is he totes got what I meant.

So yeah, I guess good luck to the lamebos who measure their relationships with gifts and money – that won’t get you through the tough times.

End rant.

Nonsense Unicorn


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Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

One thought on “Cupid, go sell your crap elsewhere.

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