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I’m a  very easily amused human being – the kinda kid that could play with a paper bag on their head for hours. Or stare at a wall. Or spin in a circle until I get dizzy (our neighbours must think I’m an escaped lunatic, but whatevs cos I’m living the dream, man!)

So there are a lot of things in this life – big and small – that are awesome and amusing for us. Saying this, bringing guinea pigs into my life has made me wonder about the different level of awe that they would be existing on compared to us.

Like yesterday, I decided to have one of the new babies watch tv with me. She just sat on my tummy calmly, until GHSaRGHGRAARGH! My tummy started to grumble!

She jumped up, looked around quizzically, and started purring at my tummy in her guinea pig lingo. I found this moment quite hilarious and cute to behold – and yeah it’s probably one of those “you had to be there” stories, but it really made me think about the life of pets with humans.

Imagine if there were massive giants that just came around and picked us up at any time they wanted and stroked your head? I would be all like, “WOAH MAN! Stop man handling me! Wtf is this, I was in the middle of eating my donut!”

Pets must experience that kinda shit every day. Or when I go out there to look at them, they just freeze and stare back, probably thinking, “oMG it’s the crazy giant again noooooo!”

So yeah….. Something something *insert philosophical musings here*.


Nonsense Unicorn


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Just another twenty-something year old making sense out of madness. Boom.

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