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2014 – A Summary

I thought I’d do a summary of posts from our first year so if you have a moments of boredom or want to hear what we wrote about certain topics, its all here for you to peruse easily 🙂

I’ve split them into mine (RG) at the top and NU underneath so you know at a glance who wrote what posts.

And don’t think that because they’re old posts you can’t like them or comment on them. I guess the relationship ones are constantly evolving but everything else is still relevant in my eyes, so don’t hold back!

Don’t be *too* put off, a lot of them are very quick to read (in my posts, check the first 4 categories for quickies, the bigger posts are at the end).


Rambling Goat
Random hilarity/thoughts/nonsense
Awesome Job Alternatives
A Crappy Question
The Sock Kidnapping
Fun Job
Fake Job Suggestions
Japanese Illness
Gravity Stinks
Pirate Hook Alternatives
Hottest Accent
Jobs I’d Rather Not Do
So Fugly They’re Cute
Awesome Names
The Good, The Ridiculous and The Slothy
She Freaky Toilet Pee
Useless Talents
Sometimes you just have to grin

Questions to life series (more random thoughts)

Shower thought of the day series (more random thoughts)

Nonsense Review series (random lols)
Oil-based Paint
Devondale Margarine

Awkward moments and day to day misfortunes
The Grasshopper
The Unfortunate Fly
The Towel Incident
All by 9am
So Hot Right Now
My Fridge is Alive
Shit As
Shit stuff to happen while you’re shitting
The *Other* Terrible Two’s
I Need a Drink
A day in the life of Rambling Goat
Flying is Funnnn
Luck (or lack thereof)
Well today I learnt a life lesson..
Byeee 2014

Sex related stuff (and the attempts – and fails – to be sexy)
The Valentine
The Visible Underwear
Pap Smear Freakouts
Girls Don’t Fart
Dick Photos
Drama and Sex
Totes Using You
Butt Plugs
Sexing an Ex
Whyyy Body Whyyy
No, Just No
I’m bringing sexy back, nah jks
Phone Sex
Sex Toys and Chilli
Awkward Sexual Advances
Sex is like Alcohol Consumption
Snake on a Plane
Penis Size Myths
Awkward Boners
Well sex just got *that* much more interesting
Reverse Psychology
You know the sex is bad when..
Alternative Names for Rude Parts

Relationship/dating stuff
Larryette David
Wait, what was your name again?!
I’m Attracted To Junkies
Officially Sugared
Online Dating Freak-outs
Trouble in Polytown
No more trouble in Polytown!
I Don’t Do First Dates

Drunkenness, debauchery and other adventures
An Ode to Piss Adventures
Japan Bucket List
Some More Adventures
So apparently I’m 17 again..
Silly Season Update

My thoughts on..
Video Games
The pros and cons of living alone
Poetry – Noooo thanks.
Guys Love Men
Hey Kids, WTF?
Halloween – A Celebration of Fear
Lava – a natural way to dispose of rubbish

Positivity (ok some titles don’t sound positive but they get there in the end!)
Motherflippin Rainbows
Hairy Arms
The Hulk doesn’t care so neither should you
I’m a Proud Slut
Why is everyone obsessed with having a partner?
Age isn’t a bitch, your perception is the bitch.
I’m poor and full of useless talents
Pussy Power
Why Don’t Aussies Have Thanksgiving?!
Reppin the Rangas
Life is about balance
The woes of being a Tradeswoman

Bad Girl Blogger
I also got an award in August which I didn’t notice until now, whoops! I’ll carry it over to 2015 🙂

Reblogs (because they were awesome)
Revolving Closets
Letter to a Dead Man
Here’s the thing about feminism
Kinky Q&A’s
A Friendly Slave – Sort of
100 things to do if you’re sad


Nonsense Unicorn
Random hilarity/thoughts/nonsense
Say hello to my little friend
Balls balls everywhere
Pokemon cybersex
Pedophile trap
Big penis entering vagina
Show us your box, 2014!

Daily Struggles
The definition of crazy
Technology and junk
The Caffine Devil
The Unfriend
Roommates, not even once (Part 1/4)
When shit hits the fan (2/4)
Wiping the shit off the floor (3/4)
Stooping to a new delicious low
Procrastination, you sneaky son of a gun!
Rejected by a hobo
The grudge of girls (4/4)

Rattata killed the radio star
Boys and poop

Stuff that’s lameeee
School reunion can suck my balls
An open letter to open letters

Well that’s awkward..
Awkward School Flashback

Nonsense Reviews
The Evil Within

Sex stuff
Oh, the sexual irony
The ones you screw in your 20’s
You know the sex is bad when..

Relationship stuff
Cupid, go sell your crap elsewhere
How to find a boyfriend
Weddings can suck my metaphoric balls
Because you’re worth it
Good relationships start with sex

Debauchery and Drunken Tales
Vomiting tales of a drunken lunatic
A priest came on my face (not about catholic school pedo’s, its about a friend our age who is now in ‘priest training camp’ or whatever they call it)

Advice and quick tips to becoming more awesome and having a rainbow-filled life (again, they don’t sound positive but just read them and you’ll see..)
Self-esteem and that crap
Shut your whore mouth
Its not him, its you
Facebook friends don’t count
Faking Orgasms
I pooped during sex, whats your secret?
There’s a little lamebo in all of us
Friends are quality not quantity
Don’t cry over your half-assery
I hate protestors
The Hangover Cure
Things I dont give a shit about but probably should

Two truths and a lie game

Thanks for sticking with us guys, here’s hoping 2015 is as entertaining as 2014 has been!

Rambling Goat and Nonsense Unicorn


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